Microbial Toxins and Related Contamination in the Food Industry

  • Gabriella Caruso
  • Giorgia Caruso
  • Pasqualina Laganà Laganà
  • Antonino Santi Delia
  • Salvatore Parisi
  • Caterina Barone
  • Lucia Melcarne
  • Francesco Mazzù

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    Pages i-vi
  2. Salvatore Parisi, Caterina Barone, Giorgia Caruso, Antonino Santi Delia, Gabriella Caruso, Pasqualina Laganà
    Pages 1-11
  3. Antonino Santi Delia, Gabriella Caruso, Lucia Melcarne, Giorgia Caruso, Salvatore Parisi, Pasqualina Laganà
    Pages 13-55
  4. Pasqualina Laganà, Gabriella Caruso, Francesco Mazzù, Giorgia Caruso, Salvatore Parisi, Antonino Santi Delia
    Pages 57-78
  5. Giorgia Caruso, Antonino Santi Delia, Gabriella Caruso, Salvatore Parisi, Pasqualina Laganà
    Pages 79-101

About this book


This Brief concerns the chemical risk in food products from the viewpoint of microbiology. The “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point” (HACCP) approach, which is applied for this purpose, is dedicated to the study and the analysis of all possible dangers by food consumptions and the related countermeasures with the aim of protecting the health of consumers. This difficult objective is highly multidisciplinary and requires a plethora of different competencies. This book thus addresses chemists, microbiologists, food technologists, medical professionals and veterinarians. The chemical risks described in this book are related to food additives, contaminants by food packaging materials, chemicals from cleaning systems and microbial toxins. The present book gives an introduction and overview of these various topics.


Histamines in seafood products Pathogenic bacteria on foods Scombroid syndrome Toxins from algae in food Vasoactive amines from fish

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