3D Stacked Chips

From Emerging Processes to Heterogeneous Systems

  • Ibrahim (Abe) M. Elfadel
  • Gerhard Fettweis

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. Electrical 3D Integration

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-2
    2. Sebastian Killge, Sujay Charania, Johann W. Bartha
      Pages 3-7
    3. Sebastian Killge, Volker Neumann, Johann W. Bartha
      Pages 9-28
    4. Johannes Görner, Dennis Walter, Michael Haas, Sebastian Höppner
      Pages 29-67
    5. Tobias Seifert, Friedrich Pauls, Gerhard Fettweis
      Pages 69-83
    6. Sebastian Höppner, Dennis Walter, René Schüffny
      Pages 101-128
    7. Nazek El-Atab, Ali K. Okyay, Ammar Nayfeh
      Pages 129-156
    8. Sami ur Rehman, Ayman Shabra
      Pages 157-173
    9. Love Cederström
      Pages 175-194
    10. Puskar Budhathoki, Johann Knechtel, Andreas Henschel, Ibrahim (Abe) M. Elfadel
      Pages 195-209
  3. Photonic and Opto-Electronic 3D Integration

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 211-212
    2. Niels Neumann, Ronny Henker, Marcus S. Dahlem
      Pages 213-220
    3. Sebastian Killge, Niels Neumann, Dirk Plettemeier, Johann W. Bartha
      Pages 221-234
    4. Seyedreza Hosseini, Michael Haas, Dirk Plettemeier, Kambiz Jamshidi
      Pages 235-253
    5. Peng Xing, Jaime Viegas
      Pages 283-295
    6. Ronny Henker, Guido Belfiore, Laszlo Szilagyi, Frank Ellinger
      Pages 297-308
  4. Back Matter
    Pages 329-339

About this book


This book explains for readers how 3D chip stacks promise to increase the level of on-chip integration, and to design new heterogeneous semiconductor devices that combine chips of different integration technologies (incl. sensors) in a single package of the smallest possible size.  The authors focus on heterogeneous 3D integration, addressing some of the most important challenges in this emerging technology, including contactless, optics-based, and carbon-nanotube-based 3D integration, as well as signal-integrity and thermal management issues in copper-based 3D integration. Coverage also includes the 3D heterogeneous integration of power sources, photonic devices, and non-volatile memories based on new materials systems.
•Provides single-source reference to the latest research in 3D optoelectronic integration: process, devices, and systems;
•Explains the use of wireless 3D integration to improve 3D IC reliability and yield;
•Describes techniques for monitoring and mitigating thermal behavior in 3D ICs;
•Includes discussion of 3D integration of high-density power sources and novel NVM.


3D Heterogeneous Integration 3D Integrated Circuits 3D Optoelectronic Integration 3D Process Development TSV Modeling and Circuit Techniques Thermal Management of 3D ICs Three-dimensional Integrated Circuit Design

Editors and affiliations

  • Ibrahim (Abe) M. Elfadel
    • 1
  • Gerhard Fettweis
    • 2
  1. 1.Masdar Institute of Science & TechnAbu DhabiUnited Arab Emirates
  2. 2.Vodafone Chair Mobile CommunicationDresdenGermany

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