Nanoporous Alumina

Fabrication, Structure, Properties and Applications

  • Dusan Losic
  • Abel Santos

Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 219)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Chuan Cheng, A. H. W. Ngan
    Pages 31-60
  3. Leszek Zaraska, Ewa Wierzbicka, Elżbieta Kurowska-Tabor, Grzegorz D. Sulka
    Pages 61-106
  4. Abdul Mutalib Md Jani, Hanani Yazid, Anisah Shafiqah Habiballah, Abdul Hadi Mahmud, Dusan Losic
    Pages 155-184
  5. Josep Ferré-Borrull, Elisabet Xifré-Pérez, Josep Pallarès, Lluis F. Marsal
    Pages 185-217
  6. Abel Santos, Tushar Kumeria
    Pages 219-247
  7. Raúl Urteaga, Claudio L. A. Berli
    Pages 249-269
  8. Alfredo de la Escosura-Muñiz, Marisol Espinoza-Castañeda, Arben Merkoçi
    Pages 271-291
  9. Moom Sinn Aw, Manpreet Bariana, Dusan Losic
    Pages 319-354
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 355-362

About this book


This book gives detailed information about the fabrication, properties and applications of nanoporous alumina. Nanoporous anodic alumina prepared by low-cost, simple and scalable electrochemical anodization process due to its unique structure and properties have attracted several thousand publications across many disciplines including nanotechnology, materials science, engineering, optics, electronics and medicine. The book incorporates several themes starting from the understanding fundamental principles of the formation nanopores and theoretical models of the pore growth. The book then focuses on describing soft and hard modification techniques for surface and structural modification of pore structures to tailor specific sensing, transport and optical properties of nanoporous alumina required for diverse applications. These broad applications including optical biosensing, electrochemical DNA biosensing, molecular separation, optofluidics, and drug delivery are reviewed in separated book chapters. The book appeals to researchers, industry professionals and high-level students.


Biomedical Drug Delivery Electrochemical Anodization Nanomembranes Nanopores Nanoporous Alumina for Optical Biosensing Nanoporous Alumina for Optofluidics Nanoporous Anodic Alumina Protein and DNA Electrochemical Sensing Tailoring of Internal Pore Structure Theoretical Pore Growth Models

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