Quantum Physics, Fuzzy Sets and Logic

Steps Towards a Many-Valued Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

  • Jarosław Pykacz

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About this book


This Brief presents steps towards elaborating a new interpretation of quantum mechanics based on a specific version of Łukasiewicz infinite-valued logic. It begins with a short survey of main interpretations of quantum mechanics already proposed, as well as various models of many-valued logics and previous attempts to apply them for the description of quantum phenomena. The prospective many-valued interpretation of quantum mechanics is soundly based on a theorem concerning the isomorphic representation of Birkhoff-von Neumann quantum logic in the form of a special Łukasiewicz infinite-valued logic endowed with partially defined conjunctions and disjunctions.


Birkhoff–von Neumann Quantum Logic Fuzzy Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics Infinite-valued Logic Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics Many-valued Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics Many-valued Logic Quantum Logic Łukasiewicz Infinite-valued Logic

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