Quantum Microscopy of Biological Systems

  • Michael Taylor

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  3. The Quantum Limit to Particle Tracking Sensitivity

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      Pages 59-68
  4. Classically Optimizing Sensitivity

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  5. Quantum Enhanced Optical Tweezers

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      Pages 123-123
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      Pages 125-141
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      Pages 169-178
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      Pages 179-182
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About this book


 This thesis reports on the development of the first quantum enhanced microscope, and on its applications in biological microscopy. The first quantum particle-tracking microscope, described in detail here, represents a pioneering advance in quantum microscopy, which is shown to be a powerful and relevant technique for future applications in science and medicine.
The microscope is used to perform the first quantum-enhanced biological measurements -- a central and long-standing goal in the field of quantum measurement. Subdiffraction-limited quantum imaging is achieved, also for the first time, with a scanning probe imaging configuration allowing 10-nanometer resolution.


Optical Tweezers Optomechanics and Quantum Imaging Particle Tracking Quantum Enhanced Microscope Quantum Imaging in Biology Quantum Metrology Quantum Microscope Quantum Shot Noise Limit Squeezed Light

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