Neighbourhood Policy and the Construction of the European External Borders

  • Filippo Celata
  • Raffaella Coletti

Part of the GeoJournal Library book series (GEJL, volume 115)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Filippo Celata, Raffaella Coletti, Enrica Polizzi
    Pages 45-102
  3. Filippo Celata, Raffaella Coletti
    Pages 103-137
  4. Back Matter
    Pages 199-201

About this book


This book looks both backward and forward with regard to the European Union’s political strategies towards its neighbouring countries. By bringing together the perspectives of critical geopolitics, policy studies and border studies, it presents a comprehensive review of the European Neighbourhood Policy and how it impacts the ongoing construction of the EU’s external frontiers.

Is the EU committed to promoting integration in a ‘wider’ European space, or is a “fortress Europe” emerging where the strengthening of internal cohesion is coupled with the militarisation of its external borders? The book aims to problematize this question by showing how the EU’s external policies are based on a mixture of openness and closure, inclusion and exclusion, cooperation and securitisation. The European Neighbourhood Policy is a controversial strategy where regionalization and bordering, homogenisations and differentiations, centrifugal and centripetal forces proceed side-by-side, in an explicit attempt to construct a selective, mobile and fragmented border.

A specific focus is devoted to the diversity of geo-strategies the EU is pursuing in its neighbouring countries and regions, macro-regional strategies and cross-border cooperation initiatives as new scales of cooperation, and the role of other global players.


Cross-Border Cooperation European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) Europeanization Politics of Borders Regionalization Territorial Cohesion

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  • Raffaella Coletti
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