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Modern Cold Spray

Materials, Process, and Applications

  • Julio Villafuerte


  • Describes the science and practical benefits of the most current Cold Gas Dynamic Spraying (cold spray) technology for protecting and enhancing surfaces of industrial products

  • Focuses on the special characteristics of the feedstock materials required for cold spray

  • Details current commercial applications and cold spray equipment available in the marketplace


Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
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  2. I. Botef, J. Villafuerte
    Pages 1-29
  3. P. King, M. Yandouzi, B. Jodoin
    Pages 31-72
  4. T. Hussain, S. Yue, C.-J. Li
    Pages 73-105
  5. M. Jeandin, H. Koivuluoto, S. Vezzu
    Pages 107-224
  6. J. Villafuerte, W. Birtch, J. Wang
    Pages 253-273
  7. D. Christoulis, C. Sarafoglou
    Pages 275-302
  8. L. Pouliot
    Pages 303-316
  9. J. Abelson
    Pages 317-340
  10. V. K. Champagne, P.K. Koh, T. J. Eden, D. E. Wolfe, J. Villafuerte, D. Helfritch
    Pages 341-376
  11. D. Helfritch, O. Stier, J. Villafuerte
    Pages 377-401
  12. D. Goldbaum, D. Poirier, E. Irissou, J. -G. Legoux, C. Moreau
    Pages 403-429

About this book


This book focuses on the current state of the art of the novel cold spray process.  Cold spray is a solid state metal consolidation process, which allows engineers to tailor surface and shape properties by optimizing process parameters, powder characteristics, and substrate conditions for a wide variety of applications that are difficult or impossible by other techniques.  Readers will benefit from this book's coverage of the commercial evolution of cold spray since the 1980's and will gain a practical understanding of what the technology has to offer.


Additive Manufacturing Aerospace Repair Anti-bacterial Coatings Cold Metal Deposition Cold Spray Cold Spray Grade Materials Composite Repair Conductive Coatings and Ceramics Corrosion Protection Functional Glass Functional Windshields Gas Dynamic Spray Glass Coatings Heated Glass Low Temperature Spray Magnesium Repair Metal Cladding Metal on Glass Metallurgy

Editors and affiliations

  • Julio Villafuerte
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  1. 1.Corporate -Supersonic Spray TechnologiesCenterLine Windsor Ltd WindsorCanada

About the editors

Dr. Villafuerte is currently Corporate Technology Strategist at Centerline Windsor Ltd, one of North America’s premier designers and manufacturers of metal forming and welding equipment and winners of the 2011 Windsor-Essex Business Excellence Awards in the category of Product Innovation. Dr. Villafuerte is a holder of Ph.D. and Master Degrees in mechanical & materials engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada. He has over 20 years experience in materials processing technology and for the last ten years, has promoted the technological advance and dissemination of downstream injection cold spray technology. Prior to Centerline, Dr. Villafuerte worked as senior technical director for Tregaskiss Ltd after his previous appointment as director of technology for the Welding Institute of Canada. Dr. Villafuerte is very active with ASM International, International Thermal Spray Association, American Welding Society and Canada government funding agencies, serving in various committees and boards. He is the author of over 40 technical publications and regularly gives technical-business presentations around the world. Dr. Villafuerte serves as Technical Reviewer for NSERC grant applications, as well as referee for a number of professional magazines on Materials Engineering, Corrosion and Coatings Technology. He is currently adjunct professor for the University of Waterloo and the University of Windsor, involved in academic and collaborative research activities with these and other academic institutions.

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