Global Challenges and the Emerging World Order

  • Giulio Sapelli

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About this book


This book offers a fascinating overview of the challenges posed by the world’s new geostrategic order and likely future directions. It opens with an unconventional view of the Arab Spring, identifying its origins in the relative US withdrawal from the Middle East caused by both the need for military disengagement for economic reasons and the discovery of shale gas and tight oil in the heart of the North American continent. The rise in the geostrategic importance of Putin’s Russia is explored in this context. The implications of the worldwide economic crisis are analyzed in depth: the author’s interpretation is that the world is entering a phase of unstable growth generated by hyperfinancialization and deflation. Against this background, the book explores the US attempt to trigger growth through the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, the impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (based on the US-Australia military alliance) in restraining China’s advance, and the potential for Africa to become the driver of the world’s economic future if it can resist Chinese penetration and continue the nation-building process.


Africa’s Economic future Arab Spring Depletion of Natural Resources Emerging from the Crisis in Europe Hyperfinancialization and Deflation Mediterranean Economical Crisis Trans-Pacific Partnership Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership World Economic Crisis

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