Direct Methods for Limit and Shakedown Analysis of Structures

Advanced Computational Algorithms and Material Modelling

  • Paolo Fuschi
  • Aurora Angela Pisano
  • Dieter Weichert

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Franck Pastor, Djimedo Kondo, Joseph Pastor
    Pages 27-46
  3. Geng Chen, Utku Ahmet Ozden, Alexander Bezold, Christoph Broeckmann, Dieter Weichert
    Pages 105-122
  4. Konstantinos Nikolaou, Christos D. Bisbos, Dieter Weichert, Jaan -W. Simon
    Pages 123-141
  5. Jeremy Bleyer, Duc Toan Pham, Patrick de Buhan, Céline Florence
    Pages 143-158
  6. Konstantinos V. Spiliopoulos, Konstantinos D. Panagiotou
    Pages 159-175
  7. Aurora Angela Pisano, Paolo Fuschi, Dario De Domenico
    Pages 199-219
  8. Giovanni Garcea, Leonardo Leonetti, Raffaele Casciaro
    Pages 253-277
  9. Thanh Ngọc Trần, M. Staat
    Pages 279-298

About this book


Articles in this book examine various materials and how to determine directly the limit state of a structure, in the sense of limit analysis and shakedown analysis. Apart from classical applications in mechanical and civil engineering contexts, the book reports on the emerging field of material design beyond the elastic limit, which has further industrial design and technological applications. Readers will discover that “Direct Methods” and the techniques presented here can in fact be used to numerically estimate the strength of structured materials such as composites or nano-materials, which represent fruitful fields of future applications.  

Leading researchers outline the latest computational tools and optimization techniques and explore the possibility of obtaining information on the limit state of a structure whose post-elastic loading path and constitutive behavior are not well defined or well known. Readers will discover how Direct Methods allow rapid and direct access to requested information in mathematically constructive manners without cumbersome step-by-step computation.  

Both researchers already interested or involved in the field and practical engineers who want to have a panorama of modern methods for structural safety assessment will find this book valuable. It provides the reader with the latest developments and a significant amount of references on the topic. 


Direct Methods Limit States Numerical Algorithms Optimization Methods Plastic Design

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