Specific Intermolecular Interactions of Element-Organic Compounds

  • Alexei K.¬†Baev

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This book extends the development of the thermodynamic theory of specific intermolecular interactions to element-organic and specific organometallic compounds. The fundamentals of an unconventional approach to the theory of H-bonding and specific interactions are formulated, based on a concept of pentacoordinate carbon atoms. Prof. Baev has introduced the theory already in his successful books "Specific Intermolecular Interactions of Organic Compounds" and "Specific Intermolecular Interactions of Nitrogenated and Bioorganic Compounds". In this book he also demonstrates it for element-organic and specific organometallic compounds, a class of substances which is of great importance in synthetic chemistry and catalysis. Furthermore, organic compound classes, that have not been treated in the previous books, are included. New types of hydrogen bonds and specific interactions are substantiated and their energies are determined on the basis of the developed methodology. In this way, the influence of the molecular structure on the energy and on intermolecular interactions can be discussed for these particular compound classes.


Alkylsilanes Intermolecular Interactions Metal-alkyl Compounds Molecular Structures Organometallic Compounds Pentacoordinated Carbon Atom Reverse Dative Bond Sp3 Hybridized Atoms Thermodynamics

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  • Alexei K.¬†Baev
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