Introduction to Law

  • Jaap Hage
  • Bram Akkermans

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  2. Jaap Hage
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  3. Jaap Hage
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  4. Jaap Hage
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  5. Jan Smits
    Pages 51-70
  6. Bram Akkermans
    Pages 71-99
  7. G. E. van Maanen, Jaap Hage
    Pages 101-120
  8. Johannes Keiler, Michele Panzavolta, David Roef
    Pages 121-156
  9. Aalt Willem Heringa
    Pages 157-188
  10. Chris Backes, Mariolina Eliantonio
    Pages 189-209
  11. Jaap Hage
    Pages 211-239
  12. Menno T. Kamminga
    Pages 241-259
  13. Gustavo Arosemena
    Pages 261-286
  14. Fokke Fernhout, Remco van Rhee
    Pages 287-311
  15. Jaap Hage
    Pages 313-335
  16. Back Matter
    Pages 337-344

About this book


This book is exceptional in the sense that it provides an introduction to law in general rather than the law of one specific jurisdiction, and it presents a unique way of looking at legal education.  It is crucial for lawyers to be aware of the different ways in which societal problems can be solved and to be able to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different legal solutions. In this respect, being a lawyer involves being able to reason like a lawyer, even more than having detailed knowledge of particular sets of rules. Introduction to Law reflects this view by focusing on the functions of rules and on ways of arguing the relative qualities of alternative legal solutions. Where ‘positive’ law is discussed, the emphasis is on the legal questions that must be addressed by a field of law, and on the different solutions which have been adopted by, for instance, the common law and civil law tradition. The law of specific jurisdictions is discussed to illustrate possible answers to questions such as when the existence of a valid contract is assumed.


Basic Concepts Civil Law Common Law Comparative law Introduction to Law Sources of Law

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  • Jaap Hage
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  • Bram Akkermans
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  1. 1.Foundations and Methods of LawMaastricht University Faculty of LawMaastrichtThe Netherlands
  2. 2.Private LawMaastricht University Faculty of LawMaastrichtThe Netherlands

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