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Plant ABC Transporters

  • Markus Geisler


  • Special focus on “phytohormone transporters” and several chapters converging on the trafficking, regulation and structure-function of ABCB-type auxin transporters

  • Devoted to the exciting plethora of plant ABC transporter substrates and highlights their tightly connected biological functions

  • Emphasizes the role of ABC transporters in plant defense and the symbiosis between plant and microorganisms


Part of the Signaling and Communication in Plants book series (SIGCOMM, volume 22)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Won-Yong Song, Jiyoung Park, Cornelia Eisenach, Masayoshi Maeshima, Youngsook Lee, Enrico Martinoia
    Pages 1-17
  3. Francesca Sparvoli, Eleonora Cominelli
    Pages 19-38
  4. Takashi Kuromori, Kazuo Shinozaki
    Pages 39-47
  5. Dabing Zhang, Hui Li
    Pages 49-62
  6. Frederica L. Theodoulou, Stephen A. Baldwin, Jocelyn M. Baldwin, Alison Baker
    Pages 77-101
  7. Rebecca L. Roston, Anna K. Hurlock, Christoph Benning
    Pages 103-136
  8. Manuela Désirée Bienert, Amandine Baijot, Marc Boutry
    Pages 137-162
  9. Joanna Banasiak, Michał Jasiński
    Pages 163-184
  10. Kojiro Takanashi, Kazufumi Yazaki
    Pages 185-202
  11. YanXia Xu, YanHua Qi
    Pages 203-217
  12. Aurélien Bailly
    Pages 219-240
  13. Mark K. Jenness, Angus S. Murphy
    Pages 271-285
  14. Ok Ran Lee, Misuk Cho
    Pages 287-300
  15. Tatsuya Sakai, Yukiko Uehara, Akitomo Nagashima
    Pages 301-311
  16. Marta Michniewicz, Samantha K. Powers, Lucia C. Strader
    Pages 313-331

About this book


This book is devoted to the fascinating superfamily of plant ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters and their variety of transported substrates. It highlights their exciting biological functions, covering aspects ranging from cellular detoxification, through development, to symbiosis and defense.  Moreover, it also includes a number of chapters that center on ABC transporters from non-Arabidopsis species.

ABC proteins are ubiquitous, membrane-intrinsic transporters that catalyze the primary (ATP-dependent) movement of their substrates through biological membranes. Initially identified as an essential aspect of a vacuolar detoxification process, genetic work in the last decade has revealed an unexpectedly diverse variety of ABC transporter substrates, which include not only xenobiotic conjugates, but also heavy metals, lipids, terpenoids, lignols, alkaloids and organic acids.

The discovery that members of the ABCB and ABCG family are involved in the movement of phytohormones has further sparked their exploration and provided a new understanding of the whole family. Accordingly, the trafficking, regulation and structure-function of ABCB-type auxin transporters are especially emphasized in this book.


ATP-binding cassette transporter detoxification nucleotide-binding domain phytohormone transport transmembrane protein

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  • Markus Geisler
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  1. 1.Plant BiologyUniversity of Fribourg Department of BiologyFribourgSwitzerland

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