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Polarization and CP Violation Measurements

Angular Analysis of B -> ϕK* Decays and Search for CP Violation at the Belle Experiment


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This thesis describes the thorough analysis of the rare B meson decay into ϕ K* on data taken by the Belle Collaboration at the B-meson-factory KEKB over 10 years. This reaction is very interesting, because it in principle allows the observation of CP-violation effects. In the Standard Model however, no CP violation in this reaction is expected. An observation of CP asymmetries thus immediately implies new physics. This thesis presents an amplitude analysis of this decay and the search for CP violation in detail and discusses methods to solve related problems: The quantification of multivariate dependence and the improvement of numeric evaluation speed of normalization integrals in amplitude analysis. In addition it provides an overview of the theory, experimental setup, (blind) statistical data analysis and estimation of systematic uncertainties.


Belle Experiment CP Asymmetry CP Violation Decay Amplitude Analysis Multivariate Analysis of Decay Data Physics Beyond the Standard Model Rare B Meson Decay Speed-up of Numerical Integration

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