Football, Gambling, and Money Laundering

A Global Criminal Justice Perspective

  • Fausto Martin De Sanctis

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About this book


Professional football means many things to many people. For players, a means to possible fame and fortune. For fans, a source of local or national pride, and perhaps the chance to score with a few bets. For criminal organizations, a cover for making millions in corrupt enterprises. In the world of gambling this is no different.

Football, Gambling, and Money Laundering describes in impressive detail the scope of the problem, the layers of denial that allow sports-related financial crime to flourish, and the steps that are being taken--and that need to be taken--to combat illicit operations in the sports world. Expert analysis explains criminal activity in the context of football, and how sports governing bodies, the media, and others have created a culture that regularly turns a blind eye. International data and instructive legal case examples shed light on the role of the Internet in the spread of gambling and money laundering as well as the strengths and weaknesses of current law enforcement, legislative, and sports-based efforts in fighting corruption. Included in the coverage:

• Criminal activity in the sports world

• Financial crime and exploitation in football and gambling

• Legal wagering and illegal betting, including online

• Illegal and disguised payment instruments used by organized crime

• International legal cooperation in combating money laundering

• National and international proposals for improving the sports and gambling industries to prevent money laundering

An authoritative reference to a growing and wide-reaching concern, Football, Gambling, and Money Laundering will find an interested audience among academics, prosecutors, judges, law enforcement officials, and others involved in efforts to curb corruption and money laundering in the world of football.


illegal sports betting international sports law money laundering and soccer money laundering and sports soccer and organized crime sports law

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