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Research in Computational Molecular Biology

18th Annual International Conference, RECOMB 2014, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, April 2-5, 2014, Proceedings

  • Roded Sharan
Conference proceedings RECOMB 2014

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 8394)

Also part of the Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics book sub series (LNBI, volume 8394)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Emily Berger, Deniz Yorukoglu, Jian Peng, Bonnie Berger
    Pages 18-19
  3. Adam Bloniarz, Ameet Talwalkar, Jonathan Terhorst, Michael I. Jordan, David Patterson, Bin Yu et al.
    Pages 20-34
  4. Rayan Chikhi, Antoine Limasset, Shaun Jackman, Jared T. Simpson, Paul Medvedev
    Pages 35-55
  5. Hamidreza Chitsaz, Mohammad Aminisharifabad
    Pages 56-68
  6. Adrian Guthals, Christina Boucher, Nuno Bandeira
    Pages 85-99
  7. Kelley Harris, Sara Sheehan, John A. Kamm, Yun S. Song
    Pages 100-114
  8. Jan Hoinka, Alexey Berezhnoy, Zuben E. Sauna, Eli Gilboa, Teresa M. Przytycka
    Pages 115-128
  9. Hetunandan Kamisetty, Bornika Ghosh, Christopher James Langmead, Chris Bailey-Kellogg
    Pages 129-143
  10. Arun S. Konagurthu, Parthan Kasarapu, Lloyd Allison, James H. Collier, Arthur M. Lesk
    Pages 144-159
  11. Henry C. M. Leung, S. M. Yiu, Francis Y. L. Chin
    Pages 160-172
  12. Jianzhu Ma, Sheng Wang, Zhiyong Wang, Jinbo Xu
    Pages 173-174
  13. Shaun Mahony, Matthew D. Edwards, Esteban O. Mazzoni, Richard I. Sherwood, Akshay Kakumanu, Carolyn A. Morrison et al.
    Pages 175-176
  14. Siavash Mirarab, Nam Nguyen, Tandy Warnow
    Pages 177-191
  15. Arne C. Müller, Frank J. Bruggeman, Brett G. Olivier, Leen Stougie
    Pages 192-206
  16. Ngan Nguyen, Glenn Hickey, Daniel R. Zerbino, Brian Raney, Dent Earl, Joel Armstrong et al.
    Pages 207-221
  17. Keith Noto, Carla Brodley, Saeed Majidi, Diana W. Bianchi, Donna K. Slonim
    Pages 222-236
  18. Murray Patterson, Tobias Marschall, Nadia Pisanti, Leo van Iersel, Leen Stougie, Gunnar W. Klau et al.
    Pages 237-249

About these proceedings


This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 18th Annual International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology, RECOMB 2014, held in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, in April 2014. The 35 extended abstracts were carefully reviewed and selected from 154 submissions. They report on original research in all areas of computational molecular biology and bioinformatics.


RNA bioinformatics clustering algorithms computational biology computational proteomics genetics machine learning molecular biology molecular evolution molecular sequence analysis ribonucleic acid systems biology

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