Modeling, Dynamics, Optimization and Bioeconomics I

Contributions from ICMOD 2010 and the 5th Bioeconomy Conference 2012

  • Alberto Adrego Pinto
  • David Zilberman
Conference proceedings

Part of the Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics book series (PROMS, volume 73)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Scott Kaplan, Charles Séguin, Karl W. Steininger, David Zilberman
    Pages 1-16
  3. Alberto Adrego Pinto, Telmo Parreira
    Pages 17-22
  4. Elvio Accinelli, Laura Policardo, Edgar J. Sánchez Carrera
    Pages 23-41
  5. Frieder Ahrens, Roland Füss, A. Sevtap Selcuk-Kestel
    Pages 43-63
  6. Alberto A. Álvarez-López, Inmaculada Rodríguez-Puerta, Francisco Sebastiá-Costa, Mónica Buendía
    Pages 65-75
  7. A. T. Baraviera, L. Ciolleti, A. O. Lopes, J. Mengue, J. Mohr, R. R. Souza
    Pages 99-109
  8. Juan Gabriel Brida, Nicolás Garrido
    Pages 125-148
  9. Ana Ribeiro Carneiro, Alípio Mário Jorge, Pedro Quelhas Brito, Marcos Aurélio Domingues
    Pages 149-162
  10. G. Contreras, A. O. Lopes, E. R. Oliveira
    Pages 183-219
  11. Helena Ferreira, Rui Gonçalves, Alberto Adrego Pinto
    Pages 259-268
  12. Tertuliano Franco, Patrícia Gonçalves, Adriana Neumann
    Pages 269-278
  13. S. Z. Alparslan Gök, G.-W. Weber
    Pages 279-284
  14. Paolo Giulietti
    Pages 285-303
  15. Patrícia Gonçalves
    Pages 329-341
  16. Pedro S. Gonçalves, Bruno M. Pereira, Juha H. Videman
    Pages 343-355
  17. Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes, James Kaufman, Douglas Miller
    Pages 383-404
  18. Christos Kolympiris, Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes
    Pages 405-435
  19. Erik Kropat, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber, Sırma Zeynep Alparslan-Gök, Ayşe Özmen
    Pages 437-451
  20. Efsun Kürüm, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber, Cem İyigün
    Pages 453-468
  21. Semih Kuter, Gerhard Wilhelm Weber, Ayşe Özmen, Zuhal Akyürek
    Pages 469-485
  22. C.-Y. Cynthia Lin
    Pages 487-495
  23. Chandra Sekhar Pedamallu, Linet Ozdamar
    Pages 511-519
  24. Chandra Sekhar Pedamallu, Linet Ozdamar, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
    Pages 521-538
  25. E. V. Petracou, A. Xepapadeas, A. N. Yannacopoulos
    Pages 539-566
  26. Alberto Adrego Pinto, Telmo Parreira
    Pages 567-583
  27. Alberto Adrego Pinto, Telmo Parreira
    Pages 585-600
  28. Joss Sánchez-Pérez
    Pages 601-611
  29. Wyatt Thompson, Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes, James Kaufman, Seth Meyer
    Pages 633-657
  30. Vasco Moço Mano, Enide Andrade Martins, Luís Almeida Vieira
    Pages 659-671
  31. Miray Hanım Yıldırım, Özlem Türker Bayrak, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
    Pages 723-737

About these proceedings


This volume explores the emerging and current, cutting-edge theories and methods of modeling, optimization, dynamics and bioeconomy. It provides an overview of the main issues, results and open questions in these fields as well as covers applications to biology, economy, energy, industry, physics, psychology and finance.

The majority of the contributed papers for this volume come from the participants of the International Conference on Modeling, Optimization and Dynamics (ICMOD 2010), a satellite conference of EURO XXIV Lisbon 2010, which took place at Faculty of Sciences of University of Porto, Portugal, and from the Berkeley Bioeconomy Conference 2012, at the University of California, Berkeley, USA.


Bioeconomy Dynamics Modelling Optimization

Editors and affiliations

  • Alberto Adrego Pinto
    • 1
  • David Zilberman
    • 2
  1. 1.University of Porto, Department of MathematicsPortoPortugal
  2. 2.Univ. of California, Dept. of Agricultural and Resource EconomicsBerkeleyUSA

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