Networking the International System

Global Histories of International Organizations

  • Madeleine Herren

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vi
  2. Constructing the Memory of International Organizations

  3. Eurocentrism and Science Policy

  4. International Organization as a Forum: Turning Local Concerns Into Global Issues

  5. Culture and Standardization: The Multifunctional and Contradictory Use of International Organizations

  6. Back Matter
    Pages 201-205

About this book


The book critically investigates the local impact of international organizations beyond a Western rationale and aims to overcome Eurocentric patterns of analysis. Considering Asian and Western examples, the contributions originate from different disciplines and study areas  and discuss a global approach, which has been a blind spot in scholarly research on international organizations until now.  Using the 1930s as a historical reference, the contributions question role of international organizations during conflicts, war, and crises, gaining insights into their function as peacekeeping forces in the 21st century. While chapter one discusses the historicity of international organizations and the availability of sources, the second chapter deliberates on Eurocentrism and science policy, considering the converging of newly created epistemic communities and old diplomatic elites.  Chapter 3 sheds light on international organizations as platforms, expanding the field of research from the diversity of organizations to the patterns of global governance. The final chapter turns to the question of how international organizations invented and introduced new fields of action, pointing to the antithetic role of standardization, the preservation of cultural heritage and the difficulties in reaching a non-Western approach.


Asian International Organizations Eurocentrism Global Governance History of Transboundary Networks and Global Standards International Organizations

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