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Transport of Energetic Electrons in Solids

Computer Simulation with Applications to Materials Analysis and Characterization


  • Gives a detailed description of the theory of cross-section calculations

  • Provides detailed descriptions of the main MC strategies for writing and using a code

  • Presents a systematic comparison with experimental data to validate the presented methods and theories


Part of the Springer Tracts in Modern Physics book series (STMP, volume 257)

Table of contents

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About this book


This book presents the potential of the Monte Carlo (MC) technique to solve mathematical and physical problems of great complexity. This book focusses on the study of the electron-solid interaction (transport MC) and presents some physical problems related to the transport of hot electrons in solid targets using transport MC. The numerical and theoretical results are validated through a comparison with experimental results. The author also addresses methodological aspects. In particular, systematic comparisons among different calculation schemes are presented. Different expressions for the calculation of cross sections and/or stopping power and different simulation methods are described and discussed.


Backscattered Electrons Electron Energy Distributions Electron-solid Interaction Electron-solid Interaction Modelling Transport in Solids Monte Carlo Simulation of Transport in Solids Reflection Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy Secondary Electron Yield Secondary Electrons Transport MC Transport of Fast Electrons Transport of Fast Electrons in Solids

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  1. 1.Center for Materials and MicrosystemsFondazione Bruno KesslerTrentoItaly

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