Dynamics of Quantum Dot Lasers

Effects of Optical Feedback and External Optical Injection

  • Christian Otto

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  3. Quantum Dot Laser

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    2. Christian Otto
      Pages 15-45
    3. Christian Otto
      Pages 47-130
    4. Christian Otto
      Pages 131-188
  4. Mode-Locked Laser

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      Pages 189-189
    2. Christian Otto
      Pages 191-262
  5. Summary and Outlook

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      Pages 263-263
    2. Christian Otto
      Pages 265-267
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About this book


This thesis deals with the dynamics of state-of-the-art nanophotonic semiconductor structures, providing essential information on fundamental aspects of nonlinear dynamical systems on the one hand, and technological applications in modern telecommunication on the other. Three different complex laser structures are considered in detail: (i) a quantum-dot-based semiconductor laser under optical injection from a master laser, (ii) a quantum-dot laser with optical feedback from an external resonator, and (iii) a passively mode-locked quantum-well semiconductor laser with saturable absorber under optical feedback from an external resonator. Using a broad spectrum of methods, both numerical and analytical, this work achieves new fundamental insights into the interplay of microscopically based nonlinear laser dynamics and optical perturbations by delayed feedback and injection.


Hopf Instability Mode-locked Semiconductor Lasers Nonlinear Carrier Dynamics Optical Feedback Optical Injection Passive Mode-locking Quantum Dot Lasers Timing Jitter

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