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Breaking of Supersymmetry and Ultraviolet Divergences in Extended Supergravity

Proceedings of the INFN-Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati School 2013

  • Stefano Bellucci
Conference proceedings

Part of the Springer Proceedings in Physics book series (SPPHY, volume 153)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Eric A. Bergshoeff, Fabio Riccioni
    Pages 43-59
  3. Martin Cederwall
    Pages 61-93
  4. Michael Koehn, Jean-Luc Lehners, Burt A. Ovrut
    Pages 115-143
  5. G. D’Appollonio, P. Di Vecchia, R. Russo, G. Veneziano
    Pages 145-162
  6. Michael Koehn, Jean-Luc Lehners, Burt Ovrut
    Pages 163-178
  7. George Ruppeiner
    Pages 179-203
  8. S. Bellucci, S. Krivonos, A. Sutulin
    Pages 205-248

About these proceedings


This is the seventh volume in a series on the general topics of supersymmetry, supergravity, black objects (including black holes), and the attractor mechanism. The present volume is based on lectures held in March 2013 at the INFN-Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati during the Breaking of supersymmetry and Ultraviolet Divergences in extended Supergravity Workshop (BUDS 2013), organized by Stefano Bellucci, with the participation of prestigious speakers including P. Aschieri, E. Bergshoeff, M. Cederwall, T. Dennen, P. Di Vecchia, S. Ferrara, R. Kallosh, A. Karlsson, M. Koehn, B. Ovrut, A. Van Proeyen, G. Ruppeiner. Special attention is devoted to discussing topics related to the cancellation of ultraviolet divergences in extended supergravity and Born-Infeld-like actions. All talks were followed by extensive discussions and subsequent reworking of the various contributions, a feature which is reflected in the unique "flavor" of this volume.


BUDS 2013 Proceedings Born Infeld like Actions Breaking of Supersymmetry Extended Supergravity Non-perturbative Duality Symmetries Superconformal Symmetry Ultraviolet Divergences

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  • Stefano Bellucci
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  1. 1.Laboratori Nazionali di FrascatiNational Institute of Nuclear PhysicsFrascati RMItaly

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