Nile River Basin

Ecohydrological Challenges, Climate Change and Hydropolitics

  • Assefa M. Melesse
  • Wossenu Abtew
  • Shimelis G. Setegn

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Assefa Melesse, Wossenu Abtew, Shimelis Setegn
    Pages 1-4
  3. Hydrology and Water Availability

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 5-5
    2. Wossenu Abtew, Assefa M. Melesse
      Pages 7-21
    3. Ayele Almaw Fenta, Tom Rientjes, Alemseged Tamiru Haile, Paolo Reggiani
      Pages 51-67
    4. Naga M. Velpuri, Gabriel B. Senay, James Rowland, James P. Verdin, Henok Alemu
      Pages 69-95
    5. Wossenu Abtew
      Pages 119-129
  4. Soil Erosion and Water Quality

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 131-131
    2. Tammo S. Steenhuis, Seifu A. Tilahun, Zelalem K. Tesemma, Tigist Y. Tebebu, Mamaru Moges, Fasikaw A. Zimale et al.
      Pages 133-147
    3. Seifu A. Tilahun, Christian D. Guzman, Assefa D. Zegeye, Essayas K. Ayana, Amy S. Collick, Birru Yitaferu et al.
      Pages 149-163
    4. Juliana J. Msaghaa, Assefa M. Melesse, Preksedis M. Ndomba
      Pages 165-192
    5. Gizaw Desta Gessesse
      Pages 193-218
  5. Lakes and Watersheds

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 235-235
    2. Essayas K. Ayana, Fasikaw A. Zimale, Amy S. Collick, Seifu A. Tilahun, Muhammed Elkamil, William D. Philpot et al.
      Pages 237-252
    3. Essayas K. Ayana, William D. Philpot, Assefa M. Melesse, Tammo S. Steenhuis
      Pages 253-267
    4. Mohamed S. Dafalla, Elfatih M. Abdel-Rahman, Khalid H. A. Siddig, Ibrahim S. Ibrahim, Elmar Csaplovics
      Pages 269-283
    5. Temesgen Enku, Christiaan van der Tol, Assefa M. Melesse, Semu A. Moges, A. Gieske
      Pages 285-305
    6. Tewodros Assefa Nigussie, Abebe Fanta, Assefa M. Melesse, Shoeb Quraishi
      Pages 307-335
  6. Climate Change and Water Resources

  7. Water Accessibility, Institutional Setup and Policy

  8. Transboundary Rivers, Water Sharing and Hydropolitics

  9. Watershed Services and Water Management

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 637-637
    2. Mahadev G. Bhat, Michael McClain, Doris Ombara, William Kasanga, George Atisa
      Pages 639-665
    3. Wossenu Abtew, Assefa M. Melesse
      Pages 685-705
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 707-718

About this book


The book provides a comprehensive overview of the hydrology of the Nile River, especially the ecohydrological degradation and challenges the basin is facing, the impact of climate change on water availability and the transboundary water management issues. The book includes analysis and approaches that will help provide different insights into the hydrology of this complex basin, which covers 11 countries and is home to over 300 million people. The need for water-sharing agreements that reflect the current situations of riparian countries and are based on equitable water- sharing principles is stressed in many chapters. 

This book explores water resource availability and quality and their trends in the basin, soil erosion and watershed degradation at different scales, water and health, land use and climate change impact, transboundary issues and water management, dams, reservoirs and lakes. The link between watershed and river water quantity and quality is discussed pointing out the importance of watershed protection for better water resource management, water accessibility, institutional set-up and policy, water demand and management. The book also presents the water sharing sticking points in relation to historical treaties and the emerging water demands of the upstream riparian countries. The need for collaboration and identification of common ground to resolve the transboundary water management issues and secure a win-win is also indicated.



Climate Change Ecohydroloical Degradation Modeling Nile River Transboundary River

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  • Assefa M. Melesse
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  • Wossenu Abtew
    • 2
  • Shimelis G. Setegn
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  1. 1.Dept. of Earth & Environment ECS 339Florida International UniversityMiamiUSA
  2. 2.South Florida Water Management DistrictWest Palm BeachUSA
  3. 3.Florida International UniversityNorth MiamiUSA

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