Integrated Analysis of Interglacial Climate Dynamics (INTERDYNAMIC)

  • Michael Schulz
  • Andre Paul

Part of the SpringerBriefs in Earth System Sciences book series (BRIEFSEARTHSYST)

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vii
  2. Thomas Kleinen, Elena Bezrukova, Victor Brovkin, Hubertus Fischer, Steffi Hildebrandt, Stefanie Müller et al.
    Pages 7-12
  3. Yvonne Milker, Rima Rachmayani, Manuel F. G. Weinkauf, Matthias Prange, Markus Raitzsch, Michael Schulz et al.
    Pages 13-18
  4. Manfred Mudelsee, Gerrit Lohmann
    Pages 19-23
  5. Gerrit Lohmann, Ralph Schneider, Johann H. Jungclaus, Guillaume Leduc, Nils Fischer, Madlene Pfeiffer et al.
    Pages 31-35
  6. Robert F. Spielhagen, Juliane Müller, Axel Wagner, Kirstin Werner, Gerrit Lohmann, Matthias Prange et al.
    Pages 37-42
  7. Audrey Morley, David Heslop, Carsten Rühlemann, Stefan Mulitza, André Paul, Michael Schulz
    Pages 43-48
  8. Matthias Prange, Silke Steph, Huadong Liu, Lloyd D. Keigwin, Michael Schulz
    Pages 63-68
  9. Anna Wegner, Natalia Sudarchikova, Hubertus Fischer, Uwe Mikolajewicz
    Pages 83-88
  10. Birgit Schneider, Ralph R. Schneider, Yiming Wang, Vyacheslav Khon
    Pages 89-95
  11. Anne Dallmeyer, Ulrike Herzschuh, Martin Claussen, Jian Ni, Yongbo Wang, Steffen Mischke et al.
    Pages 97-102
  12. Carsten Lemmen, Kerstin Haberkorn, Richard Blender, Klaus Fraedrich, Kai W. Wirtz
    Pages 103-108
  13. Enno Schefuß, Martin Werner, Britta Beckmann, Barbara Haese, Gerrit Lohmann
    Pages 109-114
  14. Gerhard Schmiedl, Fanny Adloff, Kay-Christian Emeis, Rosina Grimm, Michal Kucera, Ernst Maier-Reimer et al.
    Pages 115-120
  15. Helge W. Arz, Lyudmila S. Shumilovskikh, Antje Wegwerth, Dominik Fleitmann, Hermann Behling
    Pages 121-126
  16. Juan Jose Gómez-Navarro, Johannes P. Werner, Sebastian Wagner, Eduardo Zorita, Jürg Luterbacher
    Pages 133-139

About this book


The work addresses the following questions in the context of interglacial climate dynamics: (i) What are the amplitudes of natural climate variations on timescales of several years to millennia? (ii) Do abrupt changes in the large-scale circulation of the Atlantic Ocean occur in interglacials? (iii) Which biogeochemical feedback mechanisms control the natural limits of atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases and aerosols? (iv) Which linkages exist between climate and pre-industrial cultures?

The work is based on an integrated approach in paleoclimate research, in which all available paleoclimate archives (terrestrial and marine as well as ice cores) are combined in order to yield a comprehensive and quantitative analysis of global environmental variations. Moreover, through a close linkage be-tween paleoclimate reconstructions and results from Earth-system models detailed insights into the dynamics of climate variations are gained.


Climate Modeling Interdynamic Paleoclimatology Proxy Reconstructions Quaternary

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