Advances in Invariant Subspaces and Other Results of Operator Theory

9th International Conference on Operator Theory, Timişoara, and Herculane (Romania), June 4–14, 1984

  • R. G. Douglas
  • C. M. Pearcy
  • B. Sz.-Nagy
  • F.-H. Vasilescu
  • Dan Voiculescu
  • Gr. Arsene

Part of the Operator Theory: Advances and Applications book series (OT, volume 17)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-14
  2. Ernst Albrecht, Jörg Eschmeier, Michael M. Neumann
    Pages 15-34
  3. Francesco Altomare
    Pages 35-42
  4. José Barría, Kenneth R. Davidson
    Pages 51-54
  5. Zoia Ceauşescu, Ion Suciu
    Pages 55-77
  6. Raul E. Curto, Paul S. Muhly, Takahiko Nakazit
    Pages 109-119
  7. Jean Dazord
    Pages 121-124
  8. Ronald G. Douglas
    Pages 125-139
  9. T. Kailath, A. M. Bruckstein
    Pages 173-186
  10. László Kérchy
    Pages 187-200
  11. Matjaž Omladič
    Pages 239-248
  12. Mihai Putinar
    Pages 249-273

About this book


The annual Operator Theory conferences, organized by the Department of Mathematics of INC REST and the University of Timi?oara, are intended to promote cooperation and exchange of information between specialists in all areas of operator theory. This volume consists of papers contributed by the participants of the 1984 Conference. They reflect a great variety of topics, dealt with by the modern operator theory, including very recent advances in the invariant subspace problem, subalgebras of operator algebras, hyponormal, Hankel and other special classes of operators, spectral decompositions, aspects of dilation theory and so on. The research contracts of the Department of Mathematics of INCREST with the National Council for Science and Technology of Romania provided the means for developing the research activity in mathematics; they represent the generous framework of these meetings, too. It is our pleasure to acknowledge the financial support of UNESCO which also contibuted to the success of this meeting. We are indebted to Professor Israel Gohberg for including these Proceedings in the OT Series and for valuable advice in the editing process. Birkhauser Verlag was very cooperative in publishing this volume. Mariana Bota, Camelia Minculescu and Rodica Stoenescu dealt with the difficult task of typing the whole manuscript using a Rank Xerox 860 word processor; we thank them for the excellent job they did.


algebra analytic function Banach space cohomology differential operator distribution matrices operator algebra operator theory pseudodifferential operators

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  • C. M. Pearcy
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  • B. Sz.-Nagy
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  • F.-H. Vasilescu
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  • Dan Voiculescu
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  • Gr. Arsene
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