Effects of Nicotine on Biological Systems

  • Franz Adlkofer
  • Klaus Thurau

Part of the APS Advances in Pharmacological Sciences book series (APS)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XII
  2. Introductory Remarks

    1. Peter Froggatt
      Pages 1-4
  3. Ethnopharmacology of Nicotine

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 5-5
  4. Metabolism of Nicotine

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 17-17
    2. N. Castagnoli Jr., M. Shigenaga, T. Carlson, W. F. Trager, A. Trevor
      Pages 25-34
    3. Peyton Jacob III, Neal L. Benowitz
      Pages 35-44
    4. G. B. Neurath, D. Orth, F. G. Pein
      Pages 45-49
    5. L. Jarczyk, H. Maier, I. A. Born, G. Scherer, F. Adlkofer
      Pages 51-55
    6. P. Olsson, F. Kuylenstierna, C-J. Johansson, PO. Gunnarsson, M. Bende
      Pages 57-61
    7. C. Conze, G. Scherer, F. Adlkofer
      Pages 63-68
    8. M. Curvall, E. Kazemi Vala, G. Englund
      Pages 69-75
    9. H. Foth, U. Walther, H. Looschen, H. Neurath, G. F. Kahl
      Pages 83-87
    10. D. Hoffmann, A. Rivenson, F.-L. Chung, S. S. Hecht
      Pages 89-101
    11. B. L. Pool-Zobel, U. Liegibel, R. G. Klein, P. Schmezer
      Pages 115-121
    12. J. Schulze, G. Hunder, E. Richter
      Pages 123-127
  5. General Pharmacology of Nicotine

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 129-129
    2. Neil E. Grunberg, Margarita Raygada
      Pages 131-142
    3. T. Chajek-Shaul, E. M. Berry, E. Ziv, G. Friedman, O. Stein, G. Scherer et al.
      Pages 143-145
    4. Matthias Goerig, Volker Ullrich, Gotthard Schettler, Christina Foltis, Andreas Habenicht
      Pages 165-170
    5. R. Chahine, R. Kaiser, A. Pham Huu Chanh
      Pages 171-175
    6. M. I. Cingi, K. Erol, R. S. Alpan, M. Özdemir
      Pages 183-186
    7. W Schmidt, W Rühle, K Ertan, I. Stohrer
      Pages 213-217
    8. K. Salbaş, V. Ulusoy, T. Akyol
      Pages 219-223
    9. W. Lichtensteiger, N. von Ziegler, M. Schlumpf
      Pages 225-229
    10. S. Baunach, H. Russ, M. Haass, G. Richardt, H. G. Kress, A. Schömig et al.
      Pages 231-236
  6. Mechanisms of Nicotine Actions in the CNS

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 237-237
    2. W. Kuschinsky, F. Grünwald, H. Schröck
      Pages 249-252
    3. S. Wonnacott, A. L. Drasdo
      Pages 295-306
    4. K. Fuxe, A. M. Janson, J. Grenhoff, K. Andersson, J. Kȧhrström, B. Andbjer et al.
      Pages 307-322
    5. J. Stalke, O. Hader, J. Hensen, V. Bähr, G. Scherer, W. Oelkers
      Pages 339-343

About this book


As part of its scientific activities, the German Research Council on Smoking and Health regularly provides opportunities for scientists to discuss progress in the field of nicotine research. In this context, the Research Council sponsored a Satellite Symposium in Hamburg, June 28-30, 1990 entitled "Effects of Nicotine on Biological Systems". This meeting was held in conjunction with the XIth International Congress of Pharmacology in Amsterdam and follows the first Satellite Symposium on Nicotine which was convened in Brisbane, Australia in 1987. The aim of these conferences has been to discuss state of the art research on the pharmacology and toxicology of nicotine and its metabolites and to integrate this information to help define nicotinic actions on the central and peripheral nervous system as well as to evaluate health or behavioral effects associated with use of this alkaloid. Furthermore, at this conference, potential therapeutic benefits of nicotine for certain disease states were discussed. Smoking and the health effects of smoking were dealt with only as far as they could not be separated from the effects of nicotine. This volume contains the lectures presented at the symposium and illustrates that knowledge of nicotine has advanced considerably in recent years with regard to mechanisms of its actions. Despite such progress however, it is apparent that a' large number of questions remain unanswered, especially in the light of new insight into cellular and molecular mechanisms which can be affected by nicotine.


Alzheimer´s disease Hypothalamus Insulin Nicotin Parkinson dopamine kidney kinetics metabolism neuropeptides pharmacokinetics pharmacology psychopharmacology research toxicology

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