Basic Numerical Mathematics

Vol. 1: Numerical Analysis

  • John Todd

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About this book


There is no doubt nowadays that numerical mathematics is an essential component of any educational program. It is probably more efficient to present such material after a strong grasp of (at least) linear algebra and calculus has already been attained -but at this stage those not specializing in numerical mathematics are often interested in getting more deeply into their chosen field than in developing skills for later use. An alternative approach is to incorporate the numerical aspects of linear algebra and calculus as these subjects are being developed. Long experience has persuaded us that a third attack on this problem is the best and this is developed in the present two volumes, which are, however, easily adaptable to other circumstances. The approach we prefer is to treat the numerical aspects separately, but after some theoretical background. This is often desirable because of the shortage of persons qualified to present the combined approach and also because the numerical approach provides an often welcome change which, however, in addition, can lead to better appreciation of the fundamental concepts. For instance, in a 6-quarter course in Calculus and Linear Algebra, the material in Volume 1 can be handled in the third quarter and that in Volume 2 in the fifth or sixth quarter.


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