Continuation Techniques and Bifurcation Problems

  • Hans D. Mittelmann
  • Dirk Roose

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-2
  2. E. L. Allgower, C.-S. Chien, K. Georg
    Pages 3-21
  3. Erich Miersemann, Hans D. Mittelmann
    Pages 23-34
  4. W. M. Coughran Jr., M. R. Pinto, R. K. Smith
    Pages 47-65
  5. Randolph E. Bank, Hans D. Mittelmann
    Pages 67-77
  6. A. Spence, K. A. Cliffe, A. D. Jepson
    Pages 125-131
  7. Eusebius J. Doedel, Mark J. Friedman
    Pages 155-170
  8. Bart De Dier, Dirk Roose, Paul Van Rompay
    Pages 171-186
  9. E. Lindtner, A. Steindl, H. Troger
    Pages 199-218

About this book


The analysis of parameter-dependent nonlinear has received much attention in recent years. Numerical continuation techniques allow the efficient computation of solution branches in a one-parameter problem. In many cases continuation procedures are used as part of a more complete analysis of a nonlinear problem, based on bifurcation theory and singularity theory. These theories contribute to the understanding of many nonlinear phenomena in nature and they form the basis for various analytical and numerical tools, which provide qualitative and quantitative results about nonlinear systems. In this issue we have collected a number of papers dealing with continuation techniques and bifurcation problems. Readers familiar with the notions of continuation and bifurcation will find recent research results addressing a variety of aspects in this issue. Those who intend to learn about the field or a specific topic in it may find it useful to first consult earlier literature on the numerical treatment of these problems together with some theoretical background. The papers in this issue fall naturally into different groups.


bifurcation computation Fusion inequality interaction Natural Nonlinear system robot selection simulation singularity singularity theory symmetric relation system techniques

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