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Mathematics of the 19th Century

Mathematical Logic Algebra Number Theory Probability Theory

  • A. N. Kolmogorov
  • A. P. Yushkevich

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Z. A. Kuzicheva
    Pages 1-34
  3. I. G. Bashmakova, A. N. Rudakov
    Pages 35-135
  4. E. P. Ozhigova
    Pages 137-209
  5. B. V. Gnedenko, O. B. Sheĭnin
    Pages 211-282
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 283-308

About this book


This multi-authored effort, Mathematics of the nineteenth century (to be fol­ lowed by Mathematics of the twentieth century), is a sequel to the History of mathematics fram antiquity to the early nineteenth century, published in three 1 volumes from 1970 to 1972. For reasons explained below, our discussion of twentieth-century mathematics ends with the 1930s. Our general objectives are identical with those stated in the preface to the three-volume edition, i. e. , we consider the development of mathematics not simply as the process of perfecting concepts and techniques for studying real-world spatial forms and quantitative relationships but as a social process as weIl. Mathematical structures, once established, are capable of a certain degree of autonomous development. In the final analysis, however, such immanent mathematical evolution is conditioned by practical activity and is either self-directed or, as is most often the case, is determined by the needs of society. Proceeding from this premise, we intend, first, to unravel the forces that shape mathe­ matical progress. We examine the interaction of mathematics with the social structure, technology, the natural sciences, and philosophy. Throughan anal­ ysis of mathematical history proper, we hope to delineate the relationships among the various mathematical disciplines and to evaluate mathematical achievements in the light of the current state and future prospects of the science. The difficulties confronting us considerably exceeded those encountered in preparing the three-volume edition.


Evolution Natural Sciences history of mathematics science

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  • A. N. Kolmogorov
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  • A. P. Yushkevich
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  1. 1.Faculty of Mathematics and MechanicsMoscow State UniversityMoscowRussia
  2. 2.Institute of History of Science and TechnologyMoscowRussia

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