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Clinical Mentation Evaluation

A Connectomal Approach to Rapid and Comprehensive Assessment

  • Features a tiered approach with rapid, intermediate and longer assessments depending on the clinical urgency and context.

  • Incorporates neurological, neuropsychological, neuropsychiatric and language assessments.

  • Based on the newly appreciated network organization of the brain which subserve these cognitive processes.


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  2. Michael Hoffmann
    Pages 53-59
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About this book


This first-of-its-kind book offers clinicians a unique and comprehensive system of cognitive and behavioral testing that is tiered and context-appropriate for the diagnosis of mental status. Because the challenge nowadays with neurologic syndrome presentations is no longer merely lesion localization, but the degree, extent and nature of a cognitive and/or behavioral impairment, this work proposes a more targeted system of mentation evaluation  -- one that incorporates behavioral, neurological, neuropsychiatric, and neuropsychological components. 

Developed by synthesizing outcomes data from a range of stroke registries, this novel work offers a stepwise, hierarchical approach to mentation evaluation largely determined by level of consciousness and degree of cooperation.  Organized across 14 chapters, the book begins with an introduction to the challenges of cognitive and behavioral assessment, as well as a discussion of various clinical presentations ranging from mild behavioral impairment to cognitive reserve and its implications.  Subsequent chapters then address various approaches to mental status evaluation and explore how these tests affect brain physiology. The work closes with a unique discussion of the various lay populations that may benefit from cognitive and behavioral evaluation. 

 Authored by a renowned expert in the field, Clinical Mentation Evaluation: A Connectomal Approach to Rapid and Comprehensive Assessment is an invaluable reference that seeks to revitalize neurological and psychiatric disease measurement within the clinical setting.  The work will be of interest to all clinicians in training and clinical practice who regularly, or even periodically, conduct mental status examination.


cognition neurology neuropsychiatry behavioral medicine neuro-imaging

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  1. 1.Professor of NeurologyUniversity of Central Florida, Chief of Neurology, Orlando VA Medical CenterOrlandoUSA

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Michael Hoffmann, MD, PhD

Department of Neurology

University of Central Florida

Orlando VA Medical Center

Orlando, FL 32801


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