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How to Teach a Course in Research Methods for Psychology Students


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About this book


This book is a step-by-step guide for instructors on how to teach a psychology research methods course at the undergraduate or graduate level. It provides various approaches for teaching the course including lecture topics, difficult concepts for students, sample labs, test questions, syllabus guides and policies, as well as a detailed description of the requirements for the final experimental paper. This book is also supplemented with anecdotes from the author’s years of experience teaching research methods classes. Chapters in this book include information on how to deliver more effective lectures, issues you may encounter with students, examples of weekly labs, tips for teaching research methods online, and much more. This book is targeted towards the undergraduate or graduate professor who has either not yet taught research methods or who wants to improve his or her course. Using step by step directions, any teacher will be able to follow the guidelines found in this book that will help them succeed.

How to Teach a Course in Research Methods for Psychology Students is a valuable resource for anyone teaching a quantitative research methods course at the college or university level. 


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About the authors

Ross A. Seligman has been teaching Psychology Classes for over 27 years. He currently teaches at Pasadena City College in Pasadena, CA.  Professor Seligman earned his B.A. Degree in Psychology at Occidental College in Los Angeles. He earned his M.A. Degree in Clinical Psychology at California State Los Angeles.  He also completed his Ph.D. Coursework at The Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, CA.  Professor Seligman has taught 16 different Psychology Courses throughout his career at several different Colleges and Universities.  He has also worked as a Department Chair and Dean. 

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“The book How to Teach a Course in Research Methods for Psychology Students by Ross A. Seligman will be useful for new teachers. It will also be interesting for Research Methods professors to read this book as an exchange of experience. In addition, this book was interesting to me personally as a way of acquiring new information about higher education in the United States, which is different from my experience in the Ukraine.” (Maria Ivanchuk, ISCB News,, Issue 70, December, 2020)