European Union Research Policy

Contested Origins

  • Veera Mitzner

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About this book


This book describes the emergence of research policy as a key competence of the European Union (EU). It shows how the European Community (EC, the predecessor of the EU), which initially had very limited legal competence in the field, progressively developed a solid policy framework presenting science and research as indispensable tools for European economic competitiveness and growth. This book conveys the contested history of one of the EU’s most successful policies. It is a story of struggle and frustration but also of a great institutional and intellectual continuity. The ideational edifice for the EC/EU research policy that was put in place during the 1960s and 1970s proved remarkably robust. Its durability enabled the rapid take-off of the European Commission’s initiatives in the more favorable political atmosphere of the early 1980s and the subsequent expansion of the EU research funding instruments and programs that permanently transformed the European research landscape.

Veera Mitzner is the Future Earth Network Lead at the Sustainability Innovation Lab at Colorado, the University of Colorado Boulder, USA


knowledge-based economy Lisbon Agenda Horizon 2020 Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD EC/EU European integration Euratom European Commission COST European Cooperation in Science and Technology European Science Foundation Single European Act CREST ESPRIT European Union Politics European Politics EC Research Policy European Community European Research Policy

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  1. 1.Future Earth, The Sustainability Innovation Lab at ColoradoUniversity of Colorado BoulderBoulderUSA

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