Processing and Product Development

  • A. Manickavasagan
  • Praveena Thirunathan

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Sindhu, A. Manickavasagan
    Pages 1-15
  3. Dhritiman Saha, A. Manickavasagan
    Pages 17-26
  4. Lamia L’Hocine, Delphine Martineau-Côté, Allaoua Achouri, Janitha P. D. Wanasundara, Gayani W. Loku Hetti Arachchige
    Pages 27-54
  5. Sajad Ahmad Sofi, Khalid Muzaffar, Shafia Ashraf, Isha Gupta, Shabir Ahmad Mir
    Pages 55-76
  6. T. S. Rathna Priya, A. Manickavasagan
    Pages 77-97
  7. Subajiny Sivakanthan, Terrence Madhujith, Ashoka Gamage, Na Zhang
    Pages 99-117
  8. K. A. Athmaselvi, Aryasree Sukumar, Sanika Bhokarikar
    Pages 119-128
  9. V. Chelladurai, C. Erkinbaev
    Pages 129-143
  10. M. Sandoval-Peraza, G. Peraza-Mercado, D. Betancur-Ancona, A. Castellanos-Ruelas, L. Chel-Guerrero
    Pages 145-168
  11. Rizliya Visvanathan, Terrence Madhujith, Ashoka Gamage, Na Zhang
    Pages 169-203
  12. T. Senthilkumar, M. Ngadi
    Pages 205-212
  13. G. Mohan Naik, P. Abhirami, N. Venkatachalapathy
    Pages 213-228
  14. Arumugam Sangeetha, Rangarajan Jagan Mohan
    Pages 229-244
  15. Pea
    Martin Mondor
    Pages 245-273
  16. G. Jeevarathinam, V. Chelladurai
    Pages 275-296
  17. Dadasaheb D. Wadikar, Rejaul Hoque Bepary
    Pages 297-331
  18. Back Matter
    Pages 333-342

About this book


World health authorities recommend people maximize their protein intake through vegetable sources (such as pulses), and reduce protein intake from animal sources. Increasing vegetable protein intake has been shown to be positively associated with the reduction of both cardiovascular-disease-related mortality and all-cause mortality. Pulse consumption has been shown to improve satiety and metabolism of glucose and lipids, due to their high protein and fiber content, which makes their consumption ideal for preventing and managing obesity.  In recent years, there has been increasing demand for pulses and pulse-based products in developed countries. Several large-scale collaborative research projects on pulse products have been initiated by government agencies. Similarly, established multinational food companies have developed pulse product units. 

Pulses: Processing and Product Development fulfills the need for a comprehensive book on processing and products of pulses. The book addresses a specific pulse with each chapter to meet a wide range of audiences from undergraduate students to consumers.


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