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Dante’s Inferno

Moral Lessons from Hell


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This book provides a recipe for healthy moral and personal transformation. Belliotti takes seriously Dante’s deepest yearnings: to guide human well-being; to elevate social and political communities; to remedy the poisons spewed by the seven capital vices; and to celebrate the connections between human self-interest, virtuous living, and spiritual salvation. By closely examining and analyzing five of Dante’s more vivid characters in hell—Piero della Vigna, Brunetto Latini, Farinata degli Uberti, Cavalcante de’ Cavalcanti, and Guido da Montefeltro—and extracting the moral lessons Dante intends them to convey, and by conceptually analyzing envy, arrogance, pride, and human flourishing, the author challenges readers to interrogate and refine their modes of living.


Piero della Vigna Brunetto Latini Farinata degli Umberti Guido da Montefeltro Grandezza d’Animo

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Raymond Angelo Belliotti is SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor of Philosophy Emeritus. He is the author of 22 books, including Justifying Law; Good Sex; What is the Meaning of Human Life?; Happiness is Overrated ; Roman Philosophy and the Good Life; Shakespeare and Philosophy; Jesus or Nietzsche?; and Machiavelli’s Secret.

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“Through an interdisciplinary approach integrating history, philosophy, politics, literary criticism, theology, and psychology, the book masterfully analyzes and keenly interprets the moral vices of pride and envy (invidia and superbia) as personified within Dante’s Inferno by the characters of Pier della Vigna, Brunetto Latini, Farinata degli Uberti, and Guido da Montefeltro. With a captivating writing style, Belliotti’s book is a must-read for all who consider Dante’s Comedy to have contemporary value in helping us to reflect on ourselves and the world we live in!”

Chiara De Santi, Assistant Professor, Modern Languages, Farmingdale State College, USA


“Abandon all hope? No. Let Raymond Belliotti take you on a philosophical tour of hell. Salvation awaits for those who learn Dante’s lessons and live virtuously.” 
William Irwin, Herve A. LeBlanc Distinguished Service Professor and Chair of Philosophy, Kings College, USA