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The Career of a Research Statistician

From Consulting to Theoretical Development


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About this book


This monograph highlights the connection between the theoretical work done by research statisticians and the impact that work has on various industries. Drawing on decades of experience as an industry consultant, the author details how his contributions have had a lasting impact on the field of statistics as a whole. Aspiring statisticians and data scientists will be motivated to find practical applications for their knowledge, as they see how such work can yield breakthroughs in their field.

Each chapter highlights a consulting position the author held that resulted in a significant contribution to statistical theory. Topics covered include tracking processes with change points, estimating common parameters, crossing fields with absorption points, military operations research, sampling surveys, stochastic visibility in random fields, reliability analysis, applied probability, and more. Notable advancements within each of these topics are presented by analyzing the problems facing various industries, and how solving those problems contributed to the development of the field.

The Career of a Research Statistician is ideal for researchers, graduate students, or industry professionals working in statistics. It will be particularly useful for up-and-coming statisticians interested in the promising connection between academia and industry.


Research statistician Data analysis Data analysis practical Data analysis impact Statistical Theory Statistics for industry Statistics military Change points Crossing fields absorption points Prediction theory Applied probability Statistical Consulting Industrial Statistics Statistical Methodologies Statistical Problem Solving

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