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Biomaterials- and Microfluidics-Based Tissue Engineered 3D Models

  • J. Miguel Oliveira
  • Rui L. Reis

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 1230)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vii
  2. F. Raquel Maia, Rui L. Reis, Vitor M. Correlo, Joaquim M. Oliveira
    Pages 1-14
  3. Luca Gasperini, Alexandra P. Marques, Rui L. Reis
    Pages 15-25
  4. Lucie A. Low, Margaret Sutherland, Nadya Lumelsky, Seila Selimovic, Martha S. Lundberg, Danilo A. Tagle
    Pages 27-42
  5. David Caballero, Rui L. Reis, Subhas C. Kundu
    Pages 43-64
  6. Alain da Silva Morais, Joaquim M. Oliveira, Rui L. Reis
    Pages 65-86
  7. Anna Andrzejewska, Miroslaw Janowski
    Pages 87-95
  8. Lígia Costa, Rui Luís Reis, Joana Silva-Correia, Joaquim Miguel Oliveira
    Pages 97-119
  9. Mariana R. Carvalho, Roman Truckenmuller, Rui Luís Reis, Joaquim Miguel Oliveira
    Pages 121-135
  10. Diogo C. Fernandes, Raphaël F. Canadas, Rui L. Reis, Joaquim M. Oliveira
    Pages 137-159
  11. F. Raquel Maia, Rui L. Reis, Joaquim M. Oliveira
    Pages 161-171
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 173-175

About this book


This contributed volume reviews the latest advances on relevant 3D tissue engineered in vitro models of disease making use of biomaterials and microfluidics. The main focus of this book is on advanced biomaterials and microfluidics technologies that have been used in in vitro mimetic 3D models of human diseases and show great promise in revolutionizing personalized medicine. 

Readers will discover important topics involving biomaterials and microfluidics design, advanced processing techniques, and development and validation of organ- and body-on-a-chip models for bone, liver, and cancer research. An in depth discussion of microfabrication methods for microfluidics development is also provided. 

This work is edited by two truly multidisciplinary scientists and includes important contributions from well-known experts in their fields. The work is written for both early stage and experienced researchers, and well-established scientists enrolled in the fields of biomaterials, microfluidics, and tissue engineering, and is especially suited to those who wish to become acquainted with the principles and latest developments of in vitro models of diseases, such as professionals working in pharma, medicine, and engineering.


Biomaterials Microfluids In Vitro Models Tissue Engineering Organ-/Body-on-a Chip

Editors and affiliations

  • J. Miguel Oliveira
    • 1
  • Rui L. Reis
    • 2
  1. 1.3B’s Research GroupUniversity of MinhoGuimarãesPortugal
  2. 2.3B’s Research GroupUniversity of MinhoGuimarãesPortugal

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