Cross-Border Labor Mobility

Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

  • Caf¬†Dowlah

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This book presents a comprehensive review of cross-border labor mobility from the ancient forms of slavery to the present day. The book covers African and Amerindian slaveries, indentured servitude of the Indians and the Chinese, guestworker programs, and contemporary labor migration focusing on the United States, the European Union, and the Gulf Region. The book highlights the economics and politics that condition such trends and patterns by addressing growing anti-immigrant sentiments as well as restrictive measures in the developed world and outlining inexorable forces that are likely to propel further expansion of cross-border mobility in the future.  

This multidisciplinary volume provides a highly dependable scholarly reference to researchers, students, academics as well as policy makers.


modern-day slavery slavery Indentured Servitude System African-American slavery Native Indian slavery Bracero Kafala Political Asylum Sex-Trafficking Immigration Emigration Colonialism Empires Capitalism Transatlantic slave trade Abolition of slavery Economic theories of immigration Political theories of immigration Coerced labor Law-Enforcement against modern-day slavery

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