Advanced Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Development (AI2SD’2019)

Volume 7- Advanced Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Development Applied in Energy and Electrical Engineering

  • Mostafa Ezziyyani
Conference proceedings AI2SD 2019

Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 624)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xix
  2. Asmaa Tellabi, Mithil Parekh, Christoph Ruland, Mostafa Ezziyyani
    Pages 1-11
  3. Rachid Habachi, Abdellah Boulal, Achraf Touil, Abdelkabir Charkaoui, Abdelwahed Echchatbi
    Pages 34-42
  4. Abderrazak Khediri, Mohamed Ridda Laouar, Sean B. Eom
    Pages 77-89
  5. Assiya Haddout, Mounir Fahoume, Abderrahim Raidou, Mohamed Lharch, Nadia Elharfaoui
    Pages 90-96
  6. Ola M. El-Borady, Manal Fawzy, Rania M. A. Abedin, Abeer M. Salama
    Pages 110-126
  7. A. Elamim, B. Hartiti, A. Haibaoui, A. Lfakir, P. Thevenin
    Pages 127-134
  8. Ilias Glilah, Ibrahim Hadj Baraka, Benaissa Amami
    Pages 145-154
  9. Amine Haibaoui, Bouchaib Hartiti, Abderrazzak Elamim, Abderraouf Ridah, Abdelkrim Batan, Philippe Thevenin
    Pages 163-177
  10. El Hachmi Talbi, Lhoussine Abaali, Rachid Skouri
    Pages 187-199
  11. J. Mabrouki, A. Moufti, I. Bencheikh, K. Azoulay, Y. El Hamdouni, S. El Hajjaji
    Pages 200-212
  12. Hind Sefian, Fatima Bahraoui, Zuhair Bahraoui, Abdeladim Batmi
    Pages 213-220
  13. I. Abdennour, M. Ouardouz, A. S. Bernoussi
    Pages 221-228
  14. Othmane Salama, Mohamed Benchagra, Abdelmoumen Tabyaoui
    Pages 229-237
  15. Abdelmoula Ait Allal, Khalifa Mansouri, Mohamed Youssfi, Mohammed Qbadou, Khalid El Had
    Pages 238-248
  16. R. Abdia, A. Oubraham, A. Abouharim, K. El-Hami
    Pages 275-285
  17. Yassine Amadane, Hamid Mounir, Abdellatif El Marjani, Mohamed Karim Ettouhami
    Pages 286-293
  18. Yassine Amadane, Hamid Mounir, Abdellatif El Marjani, Mohamed Karim Ettouhami, Adil Atifi
    Pages 306-312
  19. Back Matter
    Pages 313-314

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    Volume 7- Advanced Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Development Applied in Energy and Electrical Engineering
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About these proceedings


This book summarizes the latest research on advanced intelligent systems in the fields of energy and electrical engineering, presented at the second edition of the International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Development (AI2SD’2019), held in Marrakech from 8 to 11 July 2019, Morocco. This book is intended for researchers, professionals and anyone interested in the development of advanced intelligent systems in the electrical engineering sector. The solutions featured focus on three main areas: motion control in complex electromechanical systems, including sensorless control; fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant control of electric drives; and new control algorithms for power electronics converters. In addition, the book includes a range of research using new technologies and advanced approaches.
Offering a platform for researchers in the field of energy to share their work related to the problem of management and optimization of energy, which is a major current concern, the book mainly focuses on areas that go hand in hand with the Industrial Revolution 4.0, such as solar energy computing systems, smart grids, hydroelectric power computing systems, thermal and recycling computing systems, eco-design intelligent computing systems, renewable energy for IT equipment, modeling green technology, and renewable energy systems in smart cities.
The authors of each chapter report the state of the art in the topics addressed and the results of their own research, laboratory experiments, and successful applications in order to share the concept of advanced intelligent systems and appropriate tools and techniques for modeling, storage management, as well as decision support in the field of electrical engineering. Further, the book discusses a number of future trends and the potential for linking control theory, power electronics, artificial neural networks, embedded controllers and signal processing.


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  • Mostafa Ezziyyani
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  1. 1.Faculty of Sciences and Techniques of TangierAbdelmalek Essaâdi UniversityTangierMorocco

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