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DNA Beyond Genes

From Data Storage and Computing to Nanobots, Nanomedicine, and Nanoelectronics


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About this book


This is the first book portraying to a wide readership many fields of DNA in the world of materials altogether in a single volume. The book provides underlying concepts and state-of-art developments in the emerging fields of DNA electronics, structural DNA nanotechnology, DNA computing and DNA data storage, DNA machines and nanorobots. Future possibilities of innovative DNA-based technologies, such as DNA cryptography, DNA identity tags, DNA nanostructures in biosensing and nanomedicine, as well as DNA-based nanoelectronics are all covered, too. This book is valuable for university students studying engineering and technology; biotech, nanotech, and medical device R&D managers, practitioners and investors; and IP analysts who would like to extend their background in advanced DNA technologies. It is nicely illustrated, which makes it very readable, and it conveys science and principles in a lively language to appeal to a broad audience, from professionals and academics to students and lay readers. 

Advance Praise for DNA Beyond Genes:

“Most students of DNA, and lay readers as well, are interested in the absolutely essential role it plays in biology. However, the properties which make DNA the carrier of genetic information also make it an extraordinary material that can be used as the backbone for a wide variety of nanoengineering applications – these range from information storage and computation to molecular machines and devices to artfully designed logos and symbols. The perfect self-recognition of DNA sequences makes it an ideal building block to synthesize more and more elaborate constructions and imaginative scientists have probably only just scratched the surface of what can eventually be created. Here for the first time in this wonderful book Vadim Demidov explores the full range of the non-biological applications of DNA.”

Charles R. Cantor

Professor Emeritus of Biomedical Engineering, Boston University

Member of the USA National Academy of Sciences


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About the authors

Vadim V. Demidov is Senior Analyst in the Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals Group at Global Prior Art, Inc. (Boston, USA), an intellectual property research & analysis firm.

He received M.S. degree in Physical/Chemical Engineering and Ph.D. degree in Biophysics from Moscow Physical-Technological Institute.  Afterwards, he worked worldwide, including Moscow Institute of Biotechnology and Institute of Molecular Genetics (Russia), Copenhagen University (Denmark), and George Mason University and Boston University (USA).

Demidov has recently published two books on DNA Amplification Technologies. He also served as Editorial Board member for professional journals, including Trends in Biotechnology, Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics and Current Medicinal Chemistry, and awarded Silver Medal from Russian Exhibition of Economic Achievements.

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“This book will undoubtedly fuel imagination and enthusiasm for research in this area and is sure to inspire the next generation of DNA researchers. … Demidov’s book will appeal to broad multidisciplinary audiences, beyond immediate researchers, including university and college students and teachers who may find this book highly stimulating. It will provide plenty of food for thought.” (Andrei Khlobystov, Chemistry & Industry, February, 2021)