Solar Cells

From Materials to Device Technology

  • S. K. Sharma
  • Khuram Ali

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Muhammad Yasin Naz, Shazia Shukrullah, Abdul Ghaffar, Khuram Ali, S. K. Sharma
    Pages 1-23
  3. Hafiz Muhammad Asif Javed, Wenxiu Que, Muhammad Raza Ahmad, Khuram Ali, M. Irfan Ahmad, Anam ul Haq et al.
    Pages 25-54
  4. Navadeep Shrivastava, Helliomar Barbosa, Khuram Ali, S. K. Sharma
    Pages 55-78
  5. Marcio A. P. Almeida
    Pages 79-122
  6. Edan Bainglass, Sajib K. Barman, Muhammad N. Huda
    Pages 123-138
  7. Kanwal Akhtar, Naveed Akhtar Shad, M. Munir Sajid, Yasir Javed, Muhammad Asif, Khuram Ali et al.
    Pages 139-158
  8. Shazia Shukrullah, Muhammad Yasin Naz, Khuram Ali, S. K. Sharma
    Pages 159-184
  9. Mohan Chandra Mathpal, Promod Kumar, F. H. Aragón, Maria A. G. Soler, H. C. Swart
    Pages 185-233
  10. Hafeez Anwar, Iram Arif, Uswa Javeed, Huma Mushtaq, Khuram Ali, S. K. Sharma
    Pages 235-258
  11. Mohamad Firdaus Mohamad Noh, Nurul Affiqah Arzaee, Mohd Asri Mat Teridi
    Pages 283-305
  12. Khuram Ali, Syedda Shaher Bano, Hasan M. Khan, S. K. Sharma
    Pages 307-323
  13. Khuram Ali, Afifa Khalid, Muhammad Raza Ahmad, Hasan M. Khan, Irshad Ali, S. K. Sharma
    Pages 325-350

About this book


This book addresses the rapidly developing class of solar cell materials and designed to provide much needed information on the fundamental principles of these materials, together with how these are employed in photovoltaic applications.

A special emphasize have been given for the space applications through study of radiation tolerant solar cells. This book present a comprehensive research outlining progress on the synthesis, fabrication and application of solar cells from fundamental to device technology and  is helpful  for graduate students, researchers, and technologists engaged in research and development of materials.


Solar Cell Materials Nanomaterial-Based Solar Cell Performance Organic solar cell Quantum dot sensitized solar cells High-Efficiency Space Solar Cells Semiconductors SWCNTs Perovskite Solar Cells

Editors and affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Physics, Faculty of Science and TechnologyThe University of the West IndiesSaint AugustineTrinidad and Tobago
  2. 2.Department of PhysicsUniversity of Agriculture FaisalabadFaisalabadPakistan

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