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Lagoa Santa Karst: Brazil's Iconic Karst Region

  • Augusto S. Auler
  • Paulo Pessoa

Part of the Cave and Karst Systems of the World book series (CAKASYWO)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Augusto S. Auler
    Pages 1-11
  3. Paulo Galvão, Jorge Peñaranda
    Pages 13-25
  4. Ana Elisa Brina
    Pages 27-49
  5. Gisele Lessa, Flávia Henriques e Souza, Natália Lima Boroni
    Pages 51-72
  6. José Eugênio Côrtes Figueira, Paula Fernanda Albonette de Nóbrega, Tulio Dornas, Janaina Aparecida Batista Aguiar, Leonardo Lopes, Maria Auxiliadora Drumond
    Pages 73-92
  7. Luís B. Piló, Selma Simões de Castro
    Pages 93-108
  8. Augusto S. Auler
    Pages 109-134
  9. Paulo Pessoa
    Pages 135-165
  10. Augusto S. Auler
    Pages 167-186
  11. Rodrigo Lopes Ferreira, Marcus Paulo Alves de Oliveira, Marconi Souza-Silva
    Pages 187-208
  12. Cástor Cartelle
    Pages 209-225
  13. André Strauss, Igor M. Mariano Rodrigues, Alenice Baeta, Ximena S. Villagran, Marcony Alves, Francisco Pugliese Jr. et al.
    Pages 227-281
  14. Paulo Pessoa, Dora Atman, Gisele Kimura
    Pages 283-303
  15. André Strauss, Igor M. Mariano Rodrigues, Alenice Baeta, Ximena S. Villagran, Marcony Alves, Francisco Pugliese Jr. et al.
    Pages C1-C1

About this book


This book discusses the Lagoa Santa Karst, which has been internationally known since the pioneering studies of the Danish naturalist Peter Lund in the early 1800s. It covers the speleogenesis, geology, vegetation, fauna, hydrogeology, geomorphology, and anthropogenic use of the Lagoa Santa Karst and is the first English-language book on this major karst area.
The area, which has been at the heart of the debate on the origin and age of human colonization in the Americas, is characterized by a classical and scenic karst landscape with limestone cliffs, karst lakes and karst plains, in addition to numerous solution dolines. More than 1,000 caves have been documented in the area, many with significant archeological and paleontological value. Despite its great importance, the Lagoa Santa Karst faces severe environmental threats due to limestone mining and the expansion of the metropolis of Belo Horizonte and its surrounding towns. The growing recognition of the area’s remarkable significance has led to increasing concern, and a number of protected areas have now been established, improving the conservation status of this landmark karst area.


Lagoa Santa Karst Brazilian Caves Cave Archaeology Cave Palaeontology Cave Management

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  • Augusto S. Auler
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  • Paulo Pessoa
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  1. 1.Instituto do CarsteBelo HorizonteBrazil
  2. 2.Instituto do CarsteBelo HorizonteBrazil

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