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Biophysics of Mitochondria


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About this book


In this monograph, the author -Head researcher at the Institute of Cell Biophysics of Russian Academy of Sciences- discusses the results of his own long-term studies of mitochondria as well as alternative points of view and experiments of other important researchers in the field. The monograph contains the main aspects of mitochondrial research by a number of physical methods: fluorescence spectroscopy, UV-vis spectrophotometry, IR spectroscopy, light-scattering, optical microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, colorimetry, photobleaching, polarography, among others. The monograph is very useful for researchers and graduate students specializing in mitochondrial biophysics, biochemistry, molecular biology and cytology. The book was published in Russian in 2019 by Photon Publishers (Pushchino, Moscow region).


bioenergetics electron transfer proton pumping mitochondrial membranes respiratory chain ATP synthesis NADH dehydrogenase lipofuscin reactive oxygen species

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About the authors

Nikolai L. Vekshin, Russian biophysicist, researcher. 
Graduate in biophysics, Moscow Medical Institute, 1977. Doctor of Philosophy, Institute Chemical Physics, Moscow, 1987. Doctor on Biophysics, Institute Bio-chemical Physics, Moscow, 1998. Junior researcher Institute Biological Physics, Pushchino, Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, 1977-1984, researcher Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, 1984-1991. Senior researcher Institute Cell Biophysics, 1991-1998, head researcher since 1998.

N.L Vekshin is a specialist in biophysical methods and mitochondria. He has authored approximately 200 papers and 8 books (in Russian and English), including "Energy Transfer in Macromolecules" (SPIE, Bellingham, 1997), "Photonics of Biopolymers" (Springer, Berlin, 2002), "Biophysics of DNA-antibiotic complexes" (Nova, N.Y. 2011), "Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Biomacromolecules" (Lambert, 2012).

N.L. Vekshin was decorated by 25 medals at scientific exhibitions for his inventions. He has 6 patents. His job was supported by CNRS post-doc fellowship (France, 1992), FEBS fellowship (The Netherlands, 1996), NSF fellowship (USA, 2000), NWO grant (1999-2001), NATO Linkage grant (2000-2001), CRDF grant (2000-2001), NATO Linkage grant (2002-2003), and many Russian grants (2005-2019).

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