Advanced Technologies in Robotics and Intelligent Systems

Proceedings of ITR 2019

  • Sergey Yu. Misyurin
  • Vigen Arakelian
  • Arutyun I. Avetisyan
Conference proceedings

Part of the Mechanisms and Machine Science book series (Mechan. Machine Science, volume 80)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Najah Roula, Rany Rizk, Doumit Zaouk, Wehbeh Farah, Ziad Francis
    Pages 1-12
  3. A. B. Vavrenyuk, V. V. Makarov, V. A. Shurygin
    Pages 45-53
  4. S. D. Ghazaryan, M. G. Harutyunyan, N. B. Zakaryan, V. Arakelian
    Pages 63-71
  5. N. S. Verbitsky, E. V. Chepin, A. A. Gridnev
    Pages 73-78
  6. A. V. Epishkina, A. M. Kanner, T. M. Kanner
    Pages 79-87
  7. O. Malaschuk, A. Dyumin
    Pages 89-97
  8. A. I. Petrova, T. I. Voznenko, E. V. Chepin
    Pages 105-111
  9. E. S. Tretyakov, R. R. Tukumbetova, A. A. Artamonov
    Pages 113-119
  10. A. B. Vavrenyuk, V. V. Makarov, V. S. Pryakhin, M. P. Pavlov, A. A. Vasileva
    Pages 121-126
  11. L. N. Yasnitsky, A. A. Dumler, F. M. Cherepanov
    Pages 163-169
  12. A. B. Vavrenyuk, V. V. Makarov, V. A. Shurygin
    Pages 179-187
  13. E. V. Suchkova, S. D. Kulik, D. A. Nikonets
    Pages 215-222
  14. I. I. Blekhman, Yu. A. Semenov, M. P. Yaroshevych
    Pages 231-236
  15. M. A. Korotkova, G. Carpow, S. O. Zakhryapin
    Pages 257-266
  16. S. Yu. Misyurin, A. P. Nelyubin, M. A. Potapov
    Pages 267-273
  17. S. Kuzmicheva, M. Kiryakina, S. Zapechnikov
    Pages 275-283
  18. I. A. Ovchinnikov, K. Y. Kudryavtsev
    Pages 285-289
  19. M. A. Ivanov, B. V. Kliuchnikova, E. A. Salikov, A. V. Starikovskii
    Pages 291-298
  20. A. V. Epishkina, A. Beresneva
    Pages 329-334
  21. A. V. Zelenoritskaya, M. A. Ivanov, E. A. Salikov
    Pages 335-341
  22. G. G. Novikov, I. M. Yadykin
    Pages 353-360
  23. M. Ivanov, T. Komarov, E. Salikov, N. Chepik
    Pages 375-385
  24. G. V. Kreinin, S. Yu. Misyurin, N. Yu. Nosova, M. V. Prozhega
    Pages 395-403
  25. A. Sboev, A. Selivanov, R. Rybka, I. Moloshnikov, D. Bogachev
    Pages 405-412

About these proceedings


This volume gathers the latest advances, innovations, and applications in the field of intelligent systems such as robots, cyber-physical and embedded systems, as presented by leading international researchers and engineers at the International Conference on Intelligent Technologies in Robotics (ITR), held in Moscow, Russia on October 21-23, 2019. It covers highly diverse topics, including robotics, design and machining, control and dynamics, bio-inspired systems, Internet of Thing, Big Data, RFID technology, blockchain, trusted software, cyber-physical systems (CFS) security, development of CFS in manufacturing, protection of information in CFS, cybersecurity of CFS. The contributions, which were selected by means of a rigorous international peer-review process, highlight numerous exciting ideas that will spur novel research directions and foster multidisciplinary collaboration among different specialists, demonstrating that intelligent systems will drive the technological and societal change in the coming decades.


IFToMM Intelligent systems Robotics Bio-inspired systems Internet of Thing Big Data RFID-technology Trusted software Cyber Physical systems Blockchain

Editors and affiliations

  • Sergey Yu. Misyurin
    • 1
  • Vigen Arakelian
    • 2
  • Arutyun I. Avetisyan
    • 3
  1. 1.Institute of Cyber Intelligence SystemsNational Research Nuclear University MEPhIMoscowRussia
  2. 2.LS2NInstitut National des Sciences AppliquéesRennesFrance
  3. 3.Institute for System ProgrammingRussian Academy of SciencesMoscowRussia

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