Literature, Pedagogy, and Climate Change

Text Models for a Transcultural Ecology

  • Roman Bartosch

Part of the Literatures, Cultures, and the Environment book series (LCE)

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Literature, Pedagogy, and Climate Change: Text Models for a Transcultural Ecology asks two questions: How do we read (in) the Anthropocene? And what can reading teach us? To answer these questions, the book develops a concept of transcultural ecology that understands fiction and interpretation as text models that help address the various and incommensurable scales inherent to climate change. Focussing on text composition, reception, storyworlds, and narrative framing in world literature and elsewhere, each chapter elaborates on central educational objectives through the close reading of texts by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Teju Cole and J.M. Coetzee as well as films, picture books and new digital media and their aesthetic affordances. At the end of each chapter, these objectives are summarised in sections on the ‘general implications for studying and teaching’ (GIST) and together offer a new concept of transcultural competence in conversation with current debates in literature pedagogy and educational philosophy.


environmental humanities ecocriticism literature in the Anthropocene climate change fiction teaching literature postcolonial literature scale in literature human-animal relationships

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