The Higgs Boson Produced With Top Quarks in Fully Hadronic Signatures

  • Daniel Salerno

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About this book


The work presented in this PhD dissertation is the first search at CMS for Higgs bosons produced in association with top quarks (ttH) in a final state consisting of only jets. The results presented in this book uncover a new class of ttH events that will help us elucidate our understanding of the Yukawa sector interactions between the Higgs boson and the top quark. Despite this being the most common decay signature for ttH, a large contamination of SM backgrounds makes it the most challenging for extracting a signal from data. The PhD thesis presents many sophisticated tools and techniques that were developed in order to overcome these challenges. These tools pave the way for future analyses to investigate other standard model and beyond-standard model physics.


Higgs Boson TTH Production Fully Hadronic TTH Higgs Boson with Top Quarks CMS Experiment Higgs at the LHC Higgs at CMS

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