Hypotensive Syndromes in Geriatric Patients

  • Kannayiram Alagiakrishnan
  • Maciej Banach

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Wilbert S. Aronow
    Pages 1-8
  3. Kannayiram Alagiakrishnan, Darren Mah
    Pages 9-21
  4. Anna Kasperowicz, Maciej Banach, Marek Maciejewski, Agata Bielecka-Dabrowa
    Pages 23-34
  5. Kannayiram Alagiakrishnan
    Pages 35-44
  6. Agata Bielecka-Dabrowa, Marcin Adam Bartłomiejczyk, Marek Maciejewski, Maciej Banach
    Pages 45-56
  7. Kannayiram Alagiakrishnan
    Pages 57-63
  8. Kannayiram Alagiakrishnan
    Pages 65-74
  9. Kannayiram Alagiakrishnan, Darren Mah
    Pages 75-81
  10. Kannayiram Alagiakrishnan
    Pages 97-104
  11. Paulina Gorzelak-Pabiś, Marlena Broncel
    Pages 105-116
  12. Kannayiram Alagiakrishnan, Darren Mah, Ali Ahmed
    Pages 117-127
  13. Jolanta Malyszko, Adrian Covic
    Pages 129-138
  14. Mariusz Stasiolek
    Pages 139-155
  15. Kannayiram Alagiakrishnan
    Pages 157-166
  16. Kannayiram Alagiakrishnan
    Pages 167-177
  17. Kannayiram Alagiakrishnan, Kamal Masaki
    Pages 179-192
  18. Back Matter
    Pages 193-198

About this book


This book is designed to present a comprehensive approach to the management of hypotensive syndromes in the aging population. Because these syndromes exhibit symptoms that are similar to a wide array of medical ailments, these diseases are easy to misdiagnose, leading to consequences as severe as death. Currently there are no guidelines or good resource to guide about these conditions, leaving physicians with no tools to combat these issues. This book discusses the challenges of diagnosis and management of these conditions and offers clear guidelines for treatment. The text introduces the concepts to set a clear foundation before covering the syndromes as they present in other comorbidities, including diabetes, heart failure, and a wide array of serious conditions that are common in older patients, which is especially valuable for specialists who may not be trained in aging medicine.

Hypotensive Syndromes in Geriatric Patients is a vital resource for geriatricians, family and internal medicine physicians, cardiologists, nephrologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, and all medical professionals who work with aging patients.


Carotid Sinus Syndrome Drug management Fragility Misdiagnoses Prevention

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  • Kannayiram Alagiakrishnan
    • 1
  • Maciej Banach
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  1. 1.Division of Geriatric MedicineUniversity of AlbertaEdmontonCanada
  2. 2.Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital Research Institute (PMMHRI)LodzPoland

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