Opening and Closure of the Neuquén Basin in the Southern Andes

  • Diego Kietzmann
  • Andrés Folguera

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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. Opening of the Neuquén Basin in the Western Gondwana margin

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Leandro D’Elia, Andrés Bilmes, Maximiliano Naipauer, Gustavo D. Vergani, Martín Muravchik, Juan R. Franzese
      Pages 3-21
    3. Florencia Bechis, Laura B. Giambiagi, Maisa A. Tunik, Julieta Suriano, Silvia Lanés, José F. Mescua
      Pages 23-52
    4. Carlos Zavala, Mariano Arcuri, Mariano Di Meglio, Agustín Zorzano, Germán Otharán
      Pages 53-74
    5. Ricardo M. Palma, Graciela S. Bressan, Alberto C. Riccardi, José López-Gómez, Javier Martín-Chivelet
      Pages 75-105
    6. Pablo Rossel, Francisco Carvajal
      Pages 107-126
    7. José F. Mescua, Julieta Suriano, Laura Jazmín Schencman, Laura B. Giambiagi, Patricia Sruoga, Elizabeth Balgord et al.
      Pages 127-157
    8. Eliana Acevedo, Eduardo Agustín Rosselot, Federico Martos, Lucas Fennell, Maximiliano Naipauer, Andrés Folguera
      Pages 159-174
    9. María Paula Iglesia Llanos, Diego A. Kietzmann
      Pages 175-210
    10. Diego A. Kietzmann, María Paula Iglesia Llanos, Melisa Kohan Martínez
      Pages 211-235
    11. Pablo José Pazos, Marcos Comerio, Diana Elizabeth Fernández, Carolina Gutiérrez, María Candela González Estebenet, Arturo Miguel Heredia
      Pages 237-265
  3. Closure of the Neuquén Basin in the Southern Andes

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 267-267
    2. Felipe Tapia, Marcia Muñoz, Marcelo Farías, Reynaldo Charrier, Daniela Astaburuaga
      Pages 269-301
    3. Lucas Fennell, Pablo Borghi, Federico Martos, Eduardo Agustín Rosselot, Maximiliano Naipauer, Andrés Folguera
      Pages 303-322
    4. Natalia Sánchez, Martín Turienzo, Isabelle Coutand, Fernando Lebinson, Vanesa Araujo, Luis Dimieri
      Pages 323-340
    5. Facundo Fuentes, Brian K. Horton
      Pages 341-370
    6. Alejandro Bande, Andrés Boll, Facundo Fuentes, Brian K. Horton, Daniel F. Stockli
      Pages 371-396
    7. Sofía B. Iannelli, Lucas Fennell, Lucía Fernández Paz, Vanesa D. Litvak, Alfonso Encinas, Andrés Folguera
      Pages 397-416
    8. Eduardo Agustín Rosselot, María Hurley, Lucía Sagripanti, Lucas Fennell, Sofía B. Iannelli, Darío Orts et al.
      Pages 431-448
    9. Vanesa D. Litvak, Sofía B. Iannelli, Lucía Fernández Paz, Andrés Folguera
      Pages 449-466
    10. Guido M. Gianni, Agustina Pesce, Héctor P. A. García, Marianela Lupari, Sebastián Correa-Otto, Silvina Nacif et al.
      Pages 467-483
    11. Lucía Sagripanti, Bruno Colavitto, Ana Astort, Andrés Folguera
      Pages 485-499
    12. Agustina Pesce, Guido M. Gianni, Mario E. Giménez, Andrés Folguera
      Pages 501-513

About this book


This book provides an overview of newly gathered material focusing on the opening and closure of The Neuquén Basin. The Neuquén Basin contains the most important hydrocarbon reservoirs in Argentina and therefore is characterized by a profound knowledge of the sedimentation mechanisms and closure times. During the last 10 years a considerable amount of new information has been produced that illustrates a complex evolution that involves more than one synrift stage during its evolution, an aborted sag phase associated with the inception of a first foreland basin in late Early Cretaceous times, two extensional destabilizations in the Late Cretaceous-Paleocene and late Oligocene times and a Neogene magmatic expansion coetaneous to a last mountain building. These processes have produced a polyphasic complex structure that exhumed the rich sedimentary record that characterizes the basin.


Neuquén Basin Hydrocarbon Reservoir Sedimentation Multiple Synrift Stages Foreland Basin Early Cretaceous Era Late Cretaceous-Paelocene Late Oligocene Era Neogene Magmatic Expansion

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