On Hilbert-Type and Hardy-Type Integral Inequalities and Applications

  • Bicheng Yang
  • Michael Th. Rassias

Part of the SpringerBriefs in Mathematics book series (BRIEFSMATH)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Bicheng Yang, Michael Th. Rassias
    Pages 1-13
  3. Bicheng Yang, Michael Th. Rassias
    Pages 15-42
  4. Bicheng Yang, Michael Th. Rassias
    Pages 43-70
  5. Bicheng Yang, Michael Th. Rassias
    Pages 71-107
  6. Bicheng Yang, Michael Th. Rassias
    Pages 109-145

About this book


This book is aimed toward graduate students and researchers in mathematics, physics and engineering interested in the latest developments in analytic inequalities, Hilbert-Type and Hardy-Type integral inequalities, and their applications. Theories, methods, and techniques of real analysis and functional analysis are applied to equivalent formulations of Hilbert-type inequalities, Hardy-type integral inequalities as well as their parameterized reverses. Special cases of these integral inequalities across an entire plane are considered and explained. Operator expressions with the norm and some particular analytic inequalities are detailed through several lemmas and theorems to provide an extensive account of inequalities and operators. 


Yang-Hilbert-type inequalities Hardy-Hilbert-type inequalities Hilbert’s inequalities discrete inequalities integral inequalities half-discrete inequalities Hurwitz zeta function

Authors and affiliations

  • Bicheng Yang
    • 1
  • Michael Th. Rassias
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of MathematicsGuangdong University of EducationGuangzhouChina
  2. 2.Institute of MathematicsUniversity of ZurichZürichSwitzerland

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