The Superfamily Mactroidea (Mollusca:Bivalvia) in American Waters

An Illustrated Catalogue of Recent Species

  • Javier H. Signorelli

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    Pages 93-101
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About this book


This book identifies all valid species belonging to the superfamily Mactroidea living in American waters, distributed across fourteen biogeographical provinces. It also provides an updated classification of the widely occurring Mactroidea superfamily, which comprises eight subfamilies grouped into four families: Mactridae (Lamarck, 1809); Anatinellidae (Deshayes, J.Gray 1853); Cardiliidae (Fischer, 1887) and Mesodesmatidae (J. Gray, 1840). The species included in this superfamily are known to have existed in North America since the Early Cretaceous.    


Malacology Mactridae Mesodesmatidae Anatinellidae Mollusca biogeography American Mollusca Marine Bivalve Mollusks Shell Descriptions Detailed Description of Shells

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