The Sealed Box of Suicide

The Contexts of Self-Death

  • Colin Tatz
  • Simon Tatz

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    Pages i-xiii
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    Pages 111-123
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    Pages 125-137
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    Pages 139-150
  13. Colin Tatz, Simon Tatz
    Pages 151-162
  14. Colin Tatz, Simon Tatz
    Pages 163-175
  15. Colin Tatz, Simon Tatz
    Pages 177-199
  16. Back Matter
    Pages 201-210

About this book


This unique book explores suicide as more than just a manner of death. It challenges the myths, beliefs, dogma, and customs of suicide from the earliest theories. It offers fresh insights into dark spaces. World-wide, suicide deaths are three times greater than homicides, and are increasing. Current approaches to stem this ‘epidemic’ are not working, or have very limited success. Mental health interventions, theories about a suicide or a depression gene, and the ever-increasing dispensing of antidepressants have not lessened the stark statistics. 

The authors attempt to understand the soul of the suicide — addressing the social, economic, political, historical, geographic, and cultural contexts in which suicide occurs. The social order is indelibly connected to settings, places, circumstances, relationships, occupations, climate, and milieus. Most of the 36 diverse categories of self-motivated deaths defy a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Recognising contexts and looking outside the confines that have imprisoned thinking about suicide, could well be more effective in alleviating or mitigating suicide than years searching for a possible vaccination against such death.

The book is an appeal to move beyond the medical model of suicide. Written in a very accessible style, it is of interest to social scientists, philosophers, professionals and researchers in public health, medical and behavioural sciences, and lay persons alike.

A critical, stimulating and moral tale of suicide that provides a new look

    -–Michael J.  Kral, PhD, School of Social Work, Wayne State University, Michigan, USA

 … a major breakthrough and a step in the right direction in addressing the problem of suicide

-–Said Shahtahmasebi, PhD, Research Director, the Good Life Research Centre Trust, Christchurch, New Zealand 

… informed understanding of suicide’s multiplicity and historical instability

Jennifer White, PhD, School of Youth and Child Care, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Suicide Prevention and Intervention Mental Health and Depression Social Indicators of Mental Health Act of Violence Towards One-self Social Context of Violent Behaviour Critical Suicidology Self-Inflicted Death Depression and Anxiety Suicide Behaviour Depression Gene

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