Plant Biotic Interactions

State of the Art

  • Ajit Varma
  • Swati Tripathi
  • Ram Prasad

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vi
  2. Charles Oluwaseun Adetunji, Deepak Kumar, Meenakshi Raina, Olawale Arogundade, Neera Bhalla Sarin
    Pages 1-20
  3. M. Anandaraj, P. Umadevi
    Pages 21-29
  4. Srikanth Mekala, Srilatha Polepongu
    Pages 31-41
  5. Sujata Mani, Pankaj Chowdhary, Vishvas Hare
    Pages 43-60
  6. Daraksha Parween, Binod Bihari Sahu, Maya Kumari, Ramesh N. Pudake
    Pages 61-84
  7. Aastha Singh, Pankaj Sharma, Anju Kumari, Rakesh Kumar, D. V. Pathak
    Pages 85-99
  8. Richa Sharma, V. S. Bisaria, Shilpi Sharma
    Pages 113-127
  9. Vijay Laxmi Shrivas, Upma Singh, L. Weisskopf, P. Hariprasad, Shilpi Sharma
    Pages 129-146
  10. Prachi Saxena, Jyoti Srivastava, Shrishti Pandey, Shreya Srivastava, Neha Maurya, Niharika Chand Kaushik et al.
    Pages 147-179
  11. Smaranika Pattnaik, Niranjan Behera
    Pages 211-226
  12. Reshma Tuladhar, Bijaya Laxmi Maharjan, Supriya Sharma, Anjana Singh, Ulrich Berk
    Pages 243-251
  13. S. Manivannan, P. Umadevi
    Pages 253-261
  14. Pandiyan Kuppusamy, Samadhan Yuvraj Bagul, Sudipta Das, Hillol Chakdar
    Pages 263-281
  15. Neera Garg, Kiran Saroy, Amandeep Cheema, Aditi Bisht
    Pages 283-321

About this book


This book highlights recent advances in the field of plant-biotic interactions and explores current serious issues in the crop production industry. It is intended to attract more attention to these important, but often overlooked areas, and to stimulate new ideas for future research.

Plants are constantly under attack by pathogens, pests, and parasites, which can significantly impact worldwide food production and human health. While pathogens and pests attack and interconnect with their hosts in a variety of ways, plants have developed sophisticated immune systems to fight infections. In the field of plant-biotic interactions, most of the studies to date have focused on the function and signaling pathways of plant disease resistance proteins and pattern recognition receptors, as well as pathogen effector proteins. 

In contrast, this book presents new and emerging research areas, and introduces students, researchers, academics, and policy advisors to the latest trends in e.g. microbial technology, environmental microbiology, agricultural science, the health sciences, biological sciences and other related disciplines.


Microbial Ecology PBI Plant Biotic Interactions Plant Fungal Interaction Plant Microbe Interaction Plant Productivity Plant Pathogen Interaction Plant Surface Microbiology Symbiosis

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  • Ajit Varma
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  • Swati Tripathi
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  • Ram Prasad
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  1. 1.Amity Institute of Microbial TechnologyAmity UniversityNoidaIndia
  2. 2.Amity Institute of Microbial TechnologyAmity UniversityNoidaIndia
  3. 3.Department of BotanyMahatma Gandhi Central UniversityMotihariIndia

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