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Intercultural Education, Folklore, and the Pedagogical Thought of Rachel Davis DuBois


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This book provides a history of the Quaker educator and intercultural education pioneer Rachel Davis DuBois (1892-1993) that explores the period in which DuBois lived and the key works she created. The opening section establishes the disciplinary contexts of her work, education, and folklore, and the subsequent sections present DuBois' pedagogical methods as they were developed and exemplified by her programs. Throughout the narrative, Rosenberg includes reflections on her own experience as a practitioner of the intercultural and folklife education DuBois championed.


Folklore and Education Intercultural Education Anti-prejudice Cultural Democracy Rachel Davis DuBois Quaker

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Jan Rosenberg is Founder and President of Heritage Education Resources, Inc. (HER), USA. Rosenberg holds a PhD in Folklore and Folklife from the University of Pennsylvania, USA. She has worked in the field of folklore and education since 1980 and continues to serve in a variety of educational settings, including curriculum development and classroom work, as well as workshops on cultural competence for chaplains and health care professionals. She has a particular interest in the use of folklore in the classroom during the progressive education era of the early twentieth century.

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“This book will be valued for its contribution to the history of intercultural education; however, its pedagogical and democratic contributions are most important. ... Rosenberg’s book makes a timely contribution to these efforts by providing foundational framing of the vital concept of cultural democracy and highlighting the place of folklore in it.” (Journal of Folklore Research, November 19, 2020)